Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm still sick!!!

Luckily I only caught a cold. I had a sore throat on Friday and Saturday and a runny nose Sunday and today. I ended up not exercising on Sunday because I really felt crappy. But on Saturday, Jeff and I went out to the corn maze and spent about 2 hours walking around it, looking for the punches to get a prize at the end.

Unfortunately, it was night time and I only got 2 of them, but I walked steadily for 2 hours. I usually enter my fitness minutes into Sparkpeople, but I wasn't sure how to enter that into my fitness reports, since I wasn't tracking the distance or anything, but in the end, I picked the slowest mile (24min/mile) and put that down for 2 hours.

I was trying to be as realistic as possible, but at the same time, I also try to overestimate (not underestimate) calories, so I don't go over them, and underestimate my fitness, so I don't have a blown up idea of how much I actually did. If I wasn't trying to underestimate it, I'd probably have chosen a 17-20 minute mile because we were moving quite fast. But I want to be as accurate as possible, and I think, for myself, that's the best way.

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