Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 for 2

Last week, I stayed within my calorie limit for 3 out of 7 days, though for two other days, I was still below my BMR, so I give myself credit for that. This week, (2 days in), I've been within my calorie limit by a good amount. I'm feeling very positive, and confident that I'll be able to keep my healthier habits going. I am more aware of what and how much I'm eating, and it makes me proud that I've put this effort forward.

I can survive!

I found my notebook!!! So I have it right next to me, to write down every bite I eat.

And points to me; a co-worker just came into my office and offered me a banana muffin, which I politely refused. :) YAY! I'm feeling proud! And last night I did an exercise video with the ball, despite my husband having planned dinner with my family. I made him wait while I did the 10 minute exercises and took a shower. Even more credit. I'm on day 13, but am still motivated and feeling positive. I feel like I will succeed!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Soo, still reaching for my goals

A few days ago, before the weekend, I decided that I needed to make more effort in counting my calories during the weekend, and tracking my foods. I did get on on Saturday, but not on Sunday. So that one was only 50%.

Unfortunately, I lost my notebook where I keep track of everything I eat during the day, (and input it later). So I've been writing it all down on little note cards, or receipts, or paper I find in my car, but then I lose them. Hmmm, maybe I need a new system. :)

So, because of alot of culminating events, I did pretty poorly this weekend. In particular Friday night and Saturday. Jeff was at a bachelor party and I was lonely and I overate. And on Saturday we went out to dinner with our roommate and I'd had a really long day working, and I was so tired, I didn't want to think about what I ate, so ended up doing a little worse than originally planned. On the positive side, the sandwich I ordered wasn't very good, with a massive hunk of meat in it, so I only ate less than a quarter of it. The biggest part of that meal was fries and the fondue (best ever!!!). Back on track I go! So while tracking online today, my goal is to find my notebook AND walk or do another exercise for 30 minutes tonight.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's the weekend! Run for your lives!!!

I've decided to add to my goal. I've discovered that the weekends are the worst for me. I'm out and about, I don't have alot of time to get onto SP, or to write in my journal, and we go out to eat more.

My goal for myself now is to take my journal with me wherever I go, and to get onto Sparkpeople at least one time per day on the weekends and input all my foods eaten. Who knows? Now that I wrote about it, I'll probably get on 4 times tomorrow. LOL.

Other than that, I've been within my caloric range for the last 4 days, though I went over (by about 50 calories) on one of them; I still count that as a good day because I still did all my tracking, wrote in my journal and paid attention to what I was eating. It just happened to be a poor food choice.

On a side note, I go back and forth between including raw vegetables and fruits on my calorie count. They're all healthy, and I get my servings, so if I don't count them in this case, I was under by a few calories. Either way, it's too close to call and I'm not going to berate myself. I've been giving myself credit for the things that I do that, in the long run, are for a better me. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeling pretty proud

In the last 2 weeks, I've definitely had my eyes opened. The first week, while I still ate less calories than my body burns in a day, I was still way over my goal. So for the last 3 days (so far) I've been below my calorie goal, but close enough that it makes me happy. I'm figuring out what works for me and what doesn't. - Eating out is bad, unless I look up what I'm going to order ahead of time. Then I stay within my limit.

I like to cruise SparkPeople several times a day. It actually seems to work as a reminder to me to make better decisions. Looking through my journal (which only has my calorie counts and my calorie budget) helps when I might forget why I'm doing this. :)

Reading people's success stories, and especially the ones who've lost over 100 pounds like I have to, keeps me motivated as well.

Packing my lunches each day discourages me from getting fast food, AND encourages me to eat more veggies, since I pack them.

My mantra is beginning to become "eat for energy", and "I want to wear a bikini". LOL, I just know I'm going to get there just fine. Just this morning, I woke up and the thought that crossed my mind is that I'll be eating healthy for the rest of my life, and keeping track of it for at least a year (or more, depending on how long it takes me), which seemed kind of daunting at the time, but when I talked to myself, it helped. It's for the good of me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the beginning, I was skinny...

I've been working on changing my eating habits since the beginning of 2009. I joined a group and weighed 312, and then the group disbanded, and I've been doing it on my own ever since. I haven't lost any weight so far this year, but in the 9 months since the group ended, I have only gained one pound. Having expected more like 25 or 30, I was very relieved, and even a little more motivated to start losing. I don't have the health problems that many large people experience, however, I can't seem to get pregnant and we think it's possibly because of my (and my husband's) weight. And my knee has been a little sore off and on for the past month. Yet another eye opener. So that is my goal. I want to be thin, healthy, and get pregnant.