Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeling good today

I tracked every bite I ate today. Stayed under 1500 calories which is the best I've done in a long time! For our fitness challenge, I earned the most points so far for one day which is fantastic. When I got home today, I used my self-control and walked to Leslie Sansone for 4 miles, and then did 10 minutes of strength training. I also drank 16 (if you can believe it) cups of water. I think with the extreme cold, it's very easy to get dehydrated, so it's great to drink a lot. I just have to make sure I stop drinking water by 9:30 or I'll be up all night.

I'm feeling good tonight. They always say you never regret working out and it's absolutely true! I'm going to try to remember how good I feel tomorrow if/when I try to use excuses, in order to make sure I do exercise.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First day of Fitnes Challenge

We ironed out the details and started our fitness challenge today. Each team has 2-5 people. For 7 days, everyone earns points for certain positive things they do each day, like one point for every 32oz of water we drink, 1 point per mile walked, 1 point for each half hour exercising, 1 point per fruit/veggie eaten, etc. The thing I especially like about this challenge is that it will change our habits in the long run, simply because that's what we're tracking.

I printed off a tracker today and just having it with me made me check in on the healthy habits more often throughout the day. I can definitely see this challenge being successful in the short and long term!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 4

It was so nice having today off of work! We both slept in and I had one of the best nights of sleep in a long time! Then it snowed most of the day and pretty hard at times. I'd say we got 4-6 inches of snow today and it's looking more beautiful than ever!

I went to a Demarle cooking party tonight, one of the few things to do in Bethel. It was mostly silicone products, which were pretty neat to use, although I didn't buy anything tonight. I'll be hosting a party in a month, when I hope to buy a couple of things. I'm excited to hostess a party again! It's been so long.

I didn't overeat today which was definitely good. I didn't exercise, but if I don't start before then, on Monday I will definitely be doing so. I think the work fitness challenge will be helpful as motivation, especially since I'm in charge of the team.

As a last remark, because it's Veteran's day, I'd like to thank all of the veterans from our past wars and those serving today. I'd also like to thank their families who had to sacrifice during those times.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 2

We had a big storm yesterday and into today. Fast blowing wind and some snow, but it warmed up enough that it started to melt some of the snow we had on the ground, which is a little disappointing. I have to admit the Tundra is much prettier when it's white, rather than brown.

At work today, I got in touch with HR to have them fax me the application for the gym. When we started, we thought about joining, but heard a lot of stories of lines and machines being hard to get on. But a week or so ago, I talked to someone who went often and she said there were only certain times/machines that were difficult. So my co-worker and I decided it was time to join. I'm still working on getting Jeff to join too (I'd love to workout with him) but I'm not depending on him to get myself to the gym. It's right across the street from work so I can't possibly complain of inconvenience.

I are alright today and worked more on my plan to continue this journey and keep my motivation up. I remember when I started losing weight, that reading weight loss blogs really helped me to stay motivated and on track, so I've started catching up on the blogs I've lost track of. I can't believe how much has happened in the last 9 months. I'm excited for others' success and rooting on those who are still working hard on it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long awaited (and necessary) update

Well, I haven't been the best at updating my blog. It's been something like 9 months since I've written and I'm sorry I haven't proven myself reliable. I know the disappointment when a person stops writing on their blog and yet I did the exact same thing.

There have been so many changes for us since February. Jeff and I moved to Bethel, Alaska. If you want to know more about that, you can see our family website . In the meantime, we've had to deal with so many different things than Oregon and it's taken alot of getting used to.

In regards to health; sigh, I hate to admit this, but I have gained back every single pound that I lost, plus 1. I am now unhappily settled at 316 pounds and my highest weight EVER. Over the last 9 or so months, I've had to deal with depression which is very new and very hard for me. I've got a better grasp on it now, so fingers-crossed, I've gotta change.

At my job, starting next Monday, we're starting a fitness challenge, which I'm excited to do. We got together a group of 5 people and have gone over the ground rules. It starts on the 14th and ends on the 3rd of June, but I'm really excited. 4 of 5 in our group work at the same place I do, so I feel like we might get more support that way.

I hope I didn't worry anyone, what with pretty much disappearing until now. Thanks for the support you gave me in the past and I hope we're all on the path to health and fitness!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Sorry about the long wait, and sorry this isn't a very deep blog, but I simply don't have time! :)

Last I mentioned, we were moving to Alaska for a job that Jeff found there. Well, I dropped him off at the airport yesterday morning and he's there now. He'll be starting on Wednesday. Over the last 2 weeks +, we've been busy packing up the house. Getting a 4 bedroom house to fit into a 1 bedroom apartment is going to be the trick!

We got a storage unit and made 2 loads there, and dropped off alot at Goodwill, and threw away the rest. I'm still going through everything but it's alot less now. I have the moving company estimator guy coming tomorrow to estimate the weight we're bringing, so we (and they) have an idea of how much we're moving. Then I should be able to schedule them to come in and move everything. I'm desperately hoping it'll be this week, but if not, next week at the latest, because my flight is on Friday, March 4th! YAY!

Jeff and I haven't been apart for this long ever since we got married, so it's pretty tough. Especially since I don't really feel nearly as safe in our house, when I'm alone. We're also giving our dog to my parents-in-law on Saturday, so we don't have to worry about him, but then I'll be even more alone. LOL, but I'll be ok. I'm already counting the days until I'm up there with Jeff. I can't wait!

I'll be back here to blog more, I promise!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're moving!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been on here, but I have an excellent excuse.  I’ve been working hard on packing up our four bedroom house to fit into an apartment in Alaska.

That’s right! Jeff got the job in Alaska and we’ll be moving there shortly. He’ll be leaving around the 14th and I’ll be leaving around the 28th or 1st of March. We’re both really excited about this change. The company he’ll be working for has an excellent re-location package and will ship all of our belongings to our new town. We’ve both been doing a lot of sorting through our belongings to decide what stays in storage here, what goes into the garbage and what we’re taking with us. We’ve sold a few things which have really helped money-wise. And I bought 30 boxes from someone on craigslist last night for $10. Not too shabby I think!

I haven’t been doing well with eating lately though. I think we’re both on a kick, where we know these restaurants will not be in the town we’re going to, so we’re going to them one last time while we’re still here, and it’s not helping with the eating strategy very well. We’ve both discussed it and are going to try to eat healthier, even though we will be at these restaurants. There’s no reason we can’t order less, or something better for us.

Exercise has all been the packing we’ve been doing. Since Jeff’s leaving by the 14th and I want to have as much done in the house as we can so that there’s not as much for me to do by myself, so I’ve been going all gung-ho on cleaning up. Wish us luck! 

The best part is there is internet up where we’re going (It is slower though) so I’ll be able to get on SP regularly, hopefully. Jeff and I are planning on having a family blog so our family and friends will be able to see what we’re up to. Can’t wait!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have the map. I just need to follow the directions.

I was thinking today about why I’m having such a hard time losing the weight, and changing my poor habits. Through SparkPeople and the internet in general, I have the map. I have the workout plans, the strength training exercises, the cardio workouts, I have the food plans, the menus, the shopping lists, the nutritional values, the free food trackers. I literally have the directions written down for me to follow. Yet, when it comes down to it, I always take the wrong path on this map.

And I still don’t understand why. It’s like “weight loss” has been handed to me, on a platter with a note that says follow this and you’ll be thin. So why don’t I? Yes, the hard part is actually following the directions, but it’s certainly not impossible. I must have some semblance of self-control, if I was able to already lose the 30 pounds. [sigh] I’m still working hard at following the directions. I hate this feeling, of knowing what I need to do and not actually doing it. I think this may be my laziness coming through. I don’t know, but I’m figuring it out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

YAY! Update!

Sorry so late, but things have been a little hectic around here. At my weigh-in on Tuesday, I was down 1.6 pounds, to 282.2, which is the lowest I’ve been since I started on weight watchers again. This week, I’ve tracked really well, every bite I’ve eaten, drank a lot more water and I’ve worked out for the last two days with Jeff. I feel kind of rejuvenated, I guess is the word, because when I not only have his support, but also his willingness to eat well and workout with me, I do amazingly well!

When I got home last night, it was to an already cooked meal, ready to be eaten. And because I wasn’t in the kitchen cooking it (all by myself) I wasn’t eating and snacking on crap before dinner because I was hungry. By doing that, he helped me to keep within my points yesterday, and after we worked out, I even got a mini bagel with some natural peanut butter and an apple as a snack. I never get snacks because I always eat too much, but they fit right within my points, and I’m really excited about that.

This weekend is going to be a bit tricky because I have a bridal shower, and then a dinner at my cousins house tomorrow, and a birthday dinner on Sunday. I’m going to work really hard on eating slowly and enjoying every bite, so that I don’t eat as much.

I just realized something really funny. I have several sisters, but one of them (and her husband) are often loud and overwhelming in a crowd (which my family is). When they’re at dinner, I eat more because I don’t talk as much, because I can’t hardly get a word in edgewise. When they’re not at dinner, I eat more slowly and space out my bites because I’m actually having a conversation. LOL, how funny! I hope she never sees my blog!

Anyways, I am hoping for snow this weekend, just for fun. It’s incredibly unlikely, so I’m crossing my fingers. I hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's next?

[Sigh] We’re already 4 days into 2011, if you can believe it! I had an enjoyable New Years Eve with Jeff and our small group of friends (actually my two sisters and BIL’s and my cousin and his wife). We went to a german restaurant in Portland called the Rhine.lander. A fairly genuine article from what I can tell. The food is always amazing, and they have an accordion player who goes around playing for different tables. Really had a blast! Then Jeff and I went home and enjoyed the show on TV until midnight, then went outside and watched the fireworks going off around us (about a half mile away on all sides, but around us the same). And then… We went to bed. LOL, I’m only 28 but every time we go to bed instead of staying up to 1 or 2, it makes me feel like I really am getting old!

2010 was a tough year for me. It ended with 2 and a half years of not getting pregnant (AF even came for a visit on Christmas. How’s that for a Christmas present?!?), and included the deaths of 3 people I was a caregiver for (all within 1 month of each other), my Grandpa, two great uncles, a great aunt, and numerous elderly ladies from where I work. All in all, around 10 people I had felt close to, or was related to.

The positive side; Jeff finished school finally (though he’s still looking for a job), and every blog I’ve read in the last few days talks of people’s resolutions which generally include drinking more water and remind me to take a sip! I’m doing great on cups of water this week!

I have my weigh-in tonight, and am thinking it may not be good. Since last week, we’ve had cheese, sausage and crackers around the house, and I’m really enjoying all of them! I’ve been pretty good about giving the sweets etc, to other people (who have good metabolism), but the cheese and crackers are going to end up being things I enjoy myself, simply because they’re my favorites. I haven’t tracked them the last couple of days, although I should have, so I’m pretty sure I’ve over eaten them. However, I’ve started tracking again today, and I am pretty determined to track every bite.

I’ve also still been unable to exercise because I am still sick. I think it’s getting better finally though, because although I’m still coughing a bit, it’s a lot less than I was before. Also, my back is doing a lot better. I’ve been seeing the chiropractor a couple times a week to get things in place, and that’s helped a lot. And then two nights ago, I was doing something and badly strained a muscle in my left arm, between my chest and my bicep, so I still haven’t done anything really physical. However, I am pretty sure that the muscle is much better now and my back, though still a little tender, is working properly and without pain and the Bronchitis is mostly gone, so I will be back at water aerobics next week.