Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grabbing the wagon with both hands

I've been noticing I've been off the wagon a bit. It started out unintentionally however. I worked a part-time job over the weekend, Saturday morning to Sunday evening, and I forgot my notebook to track my calories, and I also had no internet access there. So I was trying to eat well, Soup and a sandwich for lunch, a bowl of pasta for dinner, etc. And then my client went to bed, and I was missing my hubby, and I was bored and there was nothing on tv, and so I ordered a pizza.

When I went out to stand and wait for the delivery person (the house was hard to find) I kept telling myself that pizza was the wrong choice. I should be in the house riding the recumbent bike. But I took the pizza. And went in and sat on the couch and ate half of it, before finding myself feeling a little disgusted and a lot sick.

Obviously, my body is not used to that abuse anymore, so I put the rest of it away, and forgot about it for the night. Unfortunately, I still never got on the bike. Well, I got on it, but the seat was really far up, and I didn't feel comfortable moving it, just in case I got it wrong on the way back. (It belongs to the elderly woman I watch, and she's very particular, and I'm afraid if I messed it up, she'd be pretty upset.)

So I'm trying again to keep my food in track. I have still been weighing myself and my weight is still doing fine. I was afraid it'd shoot up after my binge. I've been consistently between 300 and 304 Lbs. I just know that if I buckled down, I'd be in the 290's before I know it. I'm just having a tough time doing that. I think now that I've seen and know what I did, and am writing it down in a blog, it will help me get motivated.

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