Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I hate drama!

Last night, my darling hubby put up a political quote on his facebook page. We're fairly conservative, as was the comment. We predicted his SIL would be responding to it very shortly (she's fairly liberal), and she did. But, as usual, it had a little bite in it.

So Jeff, being Jeff, deleted it. LOL, I thought it was funny first. After all, we all have that option on our page, to delete a persons comment if we don't like it. Then the SIL sent him an email to both of us, telling us that she is "hurt and offended" that he'd delete her comment. This from his favorite SIL. I'm so confused, mostly because she turned it into a personal thing. As in, he deleted the comment because he wanted to hurt her? Something like that. I wrote to her, belaying my confusion, and saying that he didn't do anything TO her. Deleting the comment wasn't a slap at anything. It was simply what he chose to do.

So then she set her husband (my hubby's brother) to chat with Jeff, and they went on and on about he he's changed and has no compassion, and is cold, etc. It's a very weird situation, as they WAAAYYY overreacted and can't just accept that he has a different opinion and they should just move on. (A number of these things I also wrote in the email to her). I was very nice, stated that we love them very much, but still was frustrated by all this drama. She has also suggested that we remove them as facebook friends, which I'd rather not do, as facebook is where we keep up with the lives of old friends and long-distance family. So now, she and her husband are taking a vacation from Facebook. No biggie to me, but it bothers Jeff the way everything snowballed. And worse, he tends to apologize for these things, whether he's in the wrong or not. Which tells me he takes the blame for these things.

Sometimes, I wish these people would just give me a call, or something and have it out with me instead of him. He has an anxiety disorder and these events often stress him out. And if they call him, he always ends up apologizing. They all think he owes apologies for our ridiculous beach vacation this last summer even.

Maybe I'm playing the devils advocate, but I absolutely think they're being ridiculous and I encourage him to be strong in what he believes, no matter what they say.

Despite the stress of all the above last night, I didn't go find anything to eat at all. After dinner (which wasn't very good) I ate nothing, although I am often an emotional eater. YAY!

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