Friday, December 18, 2009

I conquer!

Yesterday, I started motivating myself for my C25K run last night. I started first thing in the morning. And all throughout the day, made sure that I kept doing it. So last night, I got home from work, ate dinner and went to exercise. I made it through the entire W1D2 of it!!! The whole 28 minutes! YES! My mini goal was to get through 6 sets of the walking/running, because on Day 1, I made it halfway there. But yesterday, I made it through the entire thing!!! I felt so proud of myself, I knew I could do it!

And then when I went out to the living room where my husband was hanging out, I sat my sweaty stinky self on the arm of the sofa to talk to him for a second, and he observed that my face is looking thinner!!! I hadn't really noticed, but then, I tend to look pretty closely at my face every day. So I took a picture in the bathroom and lo and behold, it is thinner!

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