Thursday, December 3, 2009

Death (that makes 4) and BMI points

I found out my Great Uncle passed away yesterday. I knew he'd been in poor health, over a year ago, but I hadn't heard anything in that time at all, so I didn't know his health was that bad. I didn't know him, so I'm not really grieving, but what does make me sad is that he is my Grandpa's twin brother, and they had a nasty argument when they were young, like 20-ish, and never resolved it, so it built so much that they would avoid being around each other all the time. What's sad is that they wasted the majority of their lives hating each other, and now, there's no chance to move on.

On a more positive note, in losing the 14-something pounds that I've lost, I have also gotten rid of 2.4 BMI points! I started at 50.5 which, I think, is morbidly obese, which just sounds ugly. My new BMI is 48.1!!!!! I know I'm way high still (and still morbidly obese), but it's still lower than it was.

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