Monday, December 14, 2009

Better is Good Enough

I recently read a blog on "Escape from Obesity" written by Lyn. She is the person who started me on my weight loss journey. I had never quite had the motivation to start working on a lifestyle change. I always had the dream and the desire, but lacked the motivation and how to. In dreaming about it all these years, I've done alot of research, and learned soo much about how the body works; how weight comes on and off; better exercises for the body, etc. So much information, but I didn't quite (apparently) know how to use it all as a whole, properly with positive changes. After I happened upon "Escape from Obesity", I realized that I was alot like Lyn, and I was able to relate to her. So I started in her archives on her very first blog and read several each day, until I caught up, and follow her daily now.

Her blog the other day said "Better is Good Enough". Which I absolutely believe! If what I do today for lunch is not great, but it's better than what I would've done for lunch a year ago, it's good enough. Which may be a baby step, but to me is progress. Lunch a year ago might have been a cheesy bean and rice burrito, triple layer nachos, and a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell. Not only is that bad “sounding” for me, it’s also 1,330 calories; 66g. carbs; 136g. fat; and 48g. protein. Nearly an entire days worth of calories (and other nutrients) for me.

Compare that to my lunch today: ½ C. spaghetti (I started with probably 1 ½ C., but then took a breath and put 1 C. back. (Better.)) 1 very small piece of garlic bread, and 1 C. of homemade split pea soup. The total is approximately 350 calories. Way better compared to yesterday, a week ago and even a year ago. I think I have found my new mantra. I don’t expect myself to be perfect, and neither could I ever be. So for me, to be Better, IS good enough.

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