Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still quivering...

from the excitement of my current weight.

Anyways, on to other matters. We had a really nasty storm last night. Jeff and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and our windows were, not rattling since they're new, but I could see the glass bending in and out. Kind of creepy, and a little scary that the wind might blow them in.

And in driving home from work last night, (in my tiny Toyota Corolla) my car was blowing all over the road. Pretty bad. I feel really unsafe in my car in weather like that. I should've driven his car; it's heavier. I swear, a tank could run it over and you wouldn't feel a thing!

Over the summer, Jeff and I planted our garden with lots of veggies, and then I canned them as they produced. It's really nice having that extra food around, especially since we over spent this month, and aren't able to go shopping for groceries except the basics like milk. So we've been lucky. We obviously have plenty of food around, which I appreciate. If for no other reason than that we can't make it to the store some day, we will be able to eat. And, bonus!, it'll be healthy!

A few months ago that Jeff and I had made a bet of sorts (after I'd already decided my time had come to get healthy). The bet was whoever lost the most weight in 6 months (ending February 1st), would get $200 to do whatever they wanted with. Well, I've lost 15 pounds in the last 2 or so months, and been working hard at it. And he's been doing nothing. When we talked about it the other night, he said that he's just going to cut out all sweets after December and lose more than I do.

Now, while it woul be nice for him to lose weight, and he would, he wouldn't be losing it to be healthier. He'd be losing it to win a bet, and he'd probably go right back to his old eating habits. The worst part is that he probably will beat me because he loses weight so fast. It kind of makes me mad because here I am, working hard at being more healthy, and losing weight (the money's a perk too, but not as big a motivator) and he'll beat me after trying for one month. UGH!!! Men!

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