Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy days!

My sister is going to have a baby. She was due on the 2nd of November, but regularly runs 2-3 weeks over. She asked me if I wanted to come with them when she did, so she's keeping me informed about what's going on. Last night, she sent me a text at 5pm telling me she was having contractions. They weren't progressing yet, but be forewarned. Then at 8, she said they were the same. So I kept my phone on the loudest I could all night so I'd hear when they called.

I slept like crap because I kept thinking about it. Go figure. And my new phone (a blackberry pearl) is pissing me off because the woman at the store set it with my email address. So everytime I get an email, it also sends to my phone, but I couldn't turn that off because Lisa was texting me too. So before I went to bed last night, I went online and changed a good number of my email subscriptions which lessened the amount of email that I got. Not too bad, but I still got several emails. UGH.

Anyways, she told me at midnight that they were planning on going in at 2:30. Then at 2, she told me that the contractions and everything had stopped so they weren't going in. So she hasn't had the baby yet... I have a feeling she'll be going in the next few hours, so I'll be leaving work to go as well. And if anyone tells you Murphy's law is a hoax, it's not. My dear friend's funeral is today at 4 o'clock. And if I leave here for the baby, I doubt I'll be making it to the funeral, which makes me really sad.

Yesterday, I stayed well within my calorie limit, even below actually, but I felt comfortable with that. I wasn't hungry, and didn't want to eat more. And I did what I was able to of two exercise videos.

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