Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nothing so delicious as the taste of success.

There's something nice about feeling successful. Yesterday, I did well with my calories; I clocked-in at 1671, which was just perfect. And with my new pedometer (it also tells me how many calories I burned; SO COOL!) I walked a little over 3,000 steps.

Jeff and I went to a track a few months ago, and I tracked my steps for 1 mile, and it was aproximately 2,112 steps. So I did about a mile and a half, but that doesn't count the morning, because i didn't put it on until noon. I also walked a 10-minute mile on my treadmill. That took some motivation, but I did it. So it's definitely a good start.

I've been tracking our budget for the past several months, with every dollar accounted for somewhere. Then when I got paid on the first, we didn't pay attention to our budget (stupid), and went out to eat several times, and went to the beach overnight once, and spent quite a bit on food. But we didn't know how much until we got home and I separated everything out.

We (somehow) spent over $200 on meals. For 11 days. How does that happen? I mean, I know there were a few meals that were sit down's and those always cost 20-30, but I just find it unbelieveable, and slightly embarrassing that we went so over the top. So now, we're pretty much running a tight ship for the rest of the month. We'll see how that goes. The positive part of that is we won't be eating out!!!... Because we don't have any money!!!!!

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