Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Kind of a lame day. Period started. It's difficult to NOT hope each cycle that I'm pregnant. I don't want to lose all hope and become a cynic though. Hopefully I'll be able to find that happy medium soon.

I finally got Jeff to write out a christmas list for me, so I can do my research and get him alot of what he wants. I added a few extras on it, sorted by type of present, and found prices for everything. Now I just have to find out how much money I get to spend on him, and I can narrow it down more. I love giving gifts at Christmas time!!! It's so much fun for me. Getting them is alot of fun too though! A couple of years ago, before my brother-in-law married my sister, he was at our house for Christmas morning, and (I have a large family) our tradition is to pass out the gifts and after they're all sorted, then we go around the room and each person gets to open one at a time.

It's lots of fun, unless one person gets waay less gifts than everyone else. As I had that year. I think I got 2 or 3, and everyone else had about 10, so after the first couple of rounds, everyone else gets to keep on going and they'd get to me and skip me again and again and again. Made me feel kind of left out. And then even more left out when my BIL gave EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THAT ROOM a gift, except me. I really hate that. Luckily I like him, so It's not a huge deal, just something that I think people should pay attention to avoid.

Then every other year (since I married Jeff) we drive to Eastern Oregon to spend the week with his family (if we can get there. The weather's been crazy the last few years) and the first year, we had just gotten engaged a month and a half before. We weren't sure what to do in regards to opening our gifts, since we were spending our Christmas with everyone else in Boise. So we brought them out. And got several sarcastic comments from a couple of famiy members because we had "too much" (Jeff got me alot that year).

We drive to my MIL and FIL's house in eastern oregon on Christmas Eve. And on Christmas day drive to Boise and stay overnight there. So we decided that, this year, we'd bring our presents with us and save them until Christmas night when we get back to our room to open them by ourselves. Which will be really nice. At the same time, it often occurs to me that it seems kind of dumb to wrap our gifts here at home, and then drive them 350 miles to the other side of the state where we will open them, and then drive them 350 miles home again a week later. But, it doesn't feel Christmas-y to not open gifts.

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