Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't beat yourself up!

I am still struggling with ordering the right food choices for me when my DH and I go out to eat. I knew the right things to do, and went through the menu finding the healthy choices for me. But the whole problem is that, no matter how much I prepare myself ahead of time, I still don't want the healthy food. I want the fatty baked potato soup, and the panini sandwich and the fries.

In looking back on last night, my best food choices last night were that I drank water instead of soda or the hot cocoa I was considering briefly, and I only ate half the fries, and took some of the meat out of the sandwich. (Although Panini is very thin and I wonder if it has less calories than bread?). After we got home, my tummy started to let me know it didn't like what I had eaten.

I was standing outside berating myself, when I suddenly became aware that I was beating myself over something that was over and done with. I made myself stop and think of one thing to give myself credit for. That would be the water I drank. I don't normally order a drink other than water, as I don't like soda or most sugary drinks, so I probably would've ordered water anyways, but I'm going to count that as a positive for last night.

And all day, yesterday, everytime I got cold at my desk, I did 20 wall push-ups. In the whole day, I think I did 80-100, and last night, my arms were slightly sore, which is a good thing. Lately I haven't been exercising, like I know I should be. So even getting in this small bit is good. I also did 10 of those exercises (Bob Harper on Biggest Loser showed them during a commercial break awhile back) (I love Bob Harper!!!!!) where you go down into a slight squat, and then stand up straight on your toes and push your arms above your head. It's a very smooth exercise that, I can guarantee, works. His suggestion when he demonstrated it was to do it during commercial breaks so you're getting some kind of exercise in.

So I did.

For a one hour show, and the breaks were approximately 3-5 minutes long. And the next day, I was so sore, I could barely get down the stairs at work. I had to lean into the rail and let one leg down and then swing the other way and let the other leg down. LOL. When I was doing the exercises, it didn't feel like there was THAT MUCH of an impact, but the next day, I knew. So I'm just going to do one or two sets of ten on that one for awhile until my muscles are stronger.

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