Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekends are still the toughest

I'm really looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow. Over the past week, I did pretty good tracking. I packed lunches (and breakfast) for myself and Jeff everyday, I walked 3 miles both Saturday and Sunday. And the only time I didn't do as well was this weekend, when we went out to eat. However, I only had water to drink, and I tracked what I ate immediately at home, and I actually didn't even go over on my points.

I'm sure this is a little aggressive, but I'm hoping for a loss of 3.4 pounds tomorrow. I'm not crossing my fingers, as it could likely just be a little too much, but the last two weeks losses have been a little over 3 pounds each, so maybe it's not too much. The reason for the 3.4 pounds is that I will have lost my 10 pounds in January, my first 10 pounds with weight watchers, and I'll be down 23 pounds since I started in September of last year.

My short-term goal (weight-wise) right now is to lose 10 pounds each month. It sounds like alot, but when you realize there are 4 weeks in a month, that only averages to 2.5 pounds (ish) each week. So it's definitely not so bad, and it's actually a reasonable goal. One of the positives to this is that if I keep my weight progress going like that, I'll be at my goal by February of next year. It actually doesn't sound that far away. Heck, it's only a year. I'm not gonna bi*ch about a year when it took me how many years to gain all the weight I gained.

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