Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stretching my resistance muscle

Last night, I had my weight watchers meeting, where, I found out I have defeated another 3.6 pounds! That's for week 3 and I'm up to a total 6.6 pounds destroyed!!! So cool! I say defeated and destroyed because "lost" indicates I might find them again. Whereas destruction indicates they no longer exist. I really like that.

Our meeting last night centered on distinguishing the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. Thanks to the Beck Diet Solution, I've already been able to see the difference for me. If I'm not hungry, there are NO hunger pangs. But when I'm hungry, there are. Every time. Which is great because I can rely on that. And I was really proud the other day when I was driving home from work, hungry, and every time I drove past a fast food restaurant, I swear they were calling to me and wafting their oily smells into my car. I wanted to stop. At ALL OF THEM. But I used my resistance muscle, and actually opened my eyes to realize that I wasn't actually hungry, my mind was stressed, tired and emotional and wanted me to stuff my stomach.

Every time I am able to resist that, I find it easier to do. Like stretching a muscle. Every time you use it, it gets a little stronger. Last night, I used the free stepping thing on our Wii, and stepped for 32 minutes for the last half of Biggest Loser. I really love the program; it keeps a quiet tapping sound and we can change the channel to watch something more interesting than my cool fat avatar stepping in a spotlight in front of a crowd of cool-avatar wanna-be's.

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