Monday, January 4, 2010

After crazy, I crave normal!

Well, everything's finally back to normal. I went back to work this morning after 11 days off. . I love spending so much time with Jeff. We hung out, talked alot, it was really nice.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have gained no weight (without much trying really). It kind of came naturally to not eat as much because I wasn't hungry, or I was making sure I was aware of what I wanted to eat. I definitely did my fair share of grazing, but it obviously didn't make much of an impact, for which I'm grateful. I think part of it may have been that since I couldn't access any online programs, I was weighing myself every day, so I could see if I needed to pay attention. I've been below 300 pounds for over a month now, and don't intend to go back over. It seems to be a good deterrent for me. I have been slacking in regards to exercising and tracking my foods, so I tracked yesterday, and I'm going to be exercising tonight. I'm working out an exercise calendar, with C25K, and biking, and Wii, etc. So it'll be a broad variety of exercise, but it'll help get me going.

I'm also writing out a menu and grocery list for when my sister and I go shopping tomorrow. We've been talking about doing the Once A Month Cooking, or doing it twice a month. Basically a get together where we both prepare enough food for our families for dinner for however long we want and make them all, then just bring them home and freeze them. I really like the idea of having portion controlled meals frozen and ready to be thawed after work, so we don't have to go home and cook. I think it could work.

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