Friday, January 15, 2010

The beginning of my Journey

Last year when I started my weight loss journey, I did tons of research, and prepared myself for the changes that would come, for about 2 weeks, before actually starting to make them. One of the big things I did was read the book "The Beck Diet Solution", which deals with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, aka teaching you to change your thinking about eating and foods, etc. It had a daily activity for something for 42 days, which was writing a response to negative thinking on an index card, things that I could look at when I was getting tempted, or read to remind me why I wanted to lose weight, etc.

It was really this book that got me started to where I am today. I can't remember how many days that I did, but I do still have the cards, and there are things like "remember to eat sitting down", which makes a person more aware of what they're eating. I noticed I was doing alot of eating/snacking in the kitchen when I was preparing dinner, so it definitely made me aware of what I was doing.

I've been doing pretty good lately, but I wanted to give myself a theoretical kick in the pants, so I'm re-reading the book and reminding myself of these little habits that have waned over the past 6 or 7 months, and totally remembering why I wanted to read the book and use those tools! Until I happened upon it the other day, I didn't realize that the habits I had learned had slipped quite a bit, and I'd gotten shaky on my behavior. Like the eating while standing. I prepared dinner the other night, and had sliced some cheese for it. Then I sliced some cheese for me. And some more. And when I realized it, I’d had 3 or 4 slices, which turned out to be several servings. Had I made myself sit down, my eyes would’ve been opened. LOL.

It may seem like I’m doing a lot, but I don’t really feel that way. The things I’m doing seem to go hand in hand with each other, which I like. So while I read the diet solution, and do a brief interactive card each day to teach myself new habits, I still track my points, to keep myself in check until I have these habits finely tuned.

And since you may have wondered, Jeff and I finally got the test results back, and we found out our chances of getting pregnant are quite small. The positive side of me immediately thought “what can we do to improve our chances”. Weight loss is an obvious there (maybe it’ll be a poke for the hubby), but I also prefer to use natural herbs and vitamins. So we’re going to try a vitamin regimen and give ourselves a few months and test again to see if there’s any difference.

In regards to the pregnancy thing, every so often I get this feeling in my gut that I’m running out of time and we need to get this resolved NOW. Like urgent! I know that I’m only 27, and I’ve got a few good years left, but it sure didn’t help when my Mom said (the other day) “the prime years for a woman to get pregnant are between 16 and 25”. Ugh! Seriously?!? You tell me this now?!? LOL, it put this rush into my subconscious that I need to get pregnant now, but consciously, I know I’ve probably got awhile before completely running out of time. Thanks Mom!

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