Monday, January 11, 2010

Healthy Food

This Saturday, I went shopping for the next two weeks. I got lots of veggies and protein, and lots of low-cal snacks. And last night, I made lunch for my husband and myself. I figure, he may not be 100% for losing weight like I am, but he's a little bit lazy sometimes, and if I make his lunch, it's something he doesn't have to do. LOL, so I'm making it nice and healthy. I packed yogurt and an orange for his breakfast because he doesn't eat early, then a PB & J on Double Fiber bread, a cheese stick, a carrot, a babybel cheese and a small juice box. And I've got dinner figured out.

So, if I keep this up, he'll be losing weight just by eating better. Hehehe! Then he can kick it up a notch. :) I tracked my foods on Saturday, but not on Sunday, but I know I went over on both of them. Ugh, I can not seem to get my weekends in check. I did get some whole wheat pancake mix for the weekends; it can't hurt at least. That's still a challenge I'm working on; To track ALL my calories on weekends, and to stay under my calorie limits. That would actually be a first, as I haven't been successful at it so far.

And, my "official" weigh-in day for my charts at home is Sunday, (maybe a mistake because I do my worst on weekends) but I haven't changed it yet. Anyways, yesterday it said 296 which is 2 pounds less than last week. Crossing my fingers, but also determined to continue eating better which should hopefully maintain the 296. I really need to work on my weekends.

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