Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My thoughts on biggest loser

I am actually writing this blog as I’m watching Biggest Loser. I really like this show, though more toward the middle of the season to the end, than the beginning. The beginning seems tedious to me. And the following is my thoughts as I watched the show.

I know people talked about this last season, but I was bothered when that young curly haired guy said something like he was going to be there for 6 months, and hoped to be 150 pounds lighter by the end of those 6 months. Doing the math, that works out to 25 pounds each month. That’s nearly 1 pound EACH DAY! And while I know they get some pretty extreme results on BL, it sounds soo unhealthy. It is so unhealthy. And it’ll likely happen. But, WOW. I don’t know how to explain better. Even if I was motivated enough to lose like that, and it could happen with me, I wouldn’t do that. I want to have no loose skin, if I can. And the best way for that is to lose weight slowly. I can’t imagine what those people have to deal with, after they’ve lost the weight.

For the first hour, I worked out on my own while watching it. I did 35 minutes of strength exercises, and I remained within my calorie range today, on the low side even. YAY!

I can’t imagine standing in a sports bra in front of all of my family and friends, and especially standing on the scale in front of them. Putting myself in their shoes, I felt like I’d be embarrassed and humiliated. It seems to me that the show is almost trying new ways to help the people keep the weight off… humiliation in front of friends, family and loved ones. It made me cry to watch the people on the show go through what they did. They are so desperate, it actually hurt to watch.

Another thing, Jeff every-so-often says “you should go on the biggest loser”. I seriously considered it, but I know that I couldn’t stay motivated with Jillian or Bob yelling and screaming in my face. It’s not motivating, it’s not supportive, and it’s certainly not encouraging to me. Just watching Jillian scream at those girls when they were pounding on the tired grated on my nerves horribly. I think I could maybe work with Bob better, but that’s iffy.

And I can’t believe who they sent home right away. It just seems so unfair to go through what they did, just in the first day or two, and then the first week, and get sent home like that. It’s really sad to me as well, that they split up a team, and not only a team, but family. I just can’t imagine going on that show with my sister, and then to be split up with one of us going home. I would feel so isolated, not having my one person there who I knew.

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