Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New recipe

I tried a new recipe this morning. I found it on a website called "healthyapron" or something like that. It's a breakfast recipe that has most of the components of a healthy breakfast while at the same time, not being too high in fat. It is higher in calories because it has walnuts in it, but I adjusted it so it will work within my day. According to what she said on the website, it fills her up all morning. So the 8 ww points that it is should work for breakfast and morning snack, and hopefully [crossing fingers] I won't be hungry again until lunch.

Yogurt Granola (for lack of a better name) serves 1
½ C. Old Fashioned Oats 1 large banana
1 T. craisins 3.5 halves walnuts
¼ C. low-fat yogurt (I used strawberry)
Crush walnuts with bottom of a glass or something flat. Mash the banana. Mix all together. Serve. Makes 1 serving.

(It looks pretty gloopy, and possibly not appetizing, but it's delicious!) I put everything together last night, except the oatmeal, then this morning I added it and drove to work before eating it. It had softened a little, but it still had the firmness that I like in oatmeal. we'll see how it does in keeping me full!

Nutritional work-up according to Sparkpeople's recipe builder.
414 calories
8.8 g. fat
79.8g. carbohydrates
8.8g. fiber
10.7g. protein
8 weight watchers points

Let me just say again that this is really delicious!

Also, I walked 3 miles last night, so I am successful so far 5 of 7 days, but it'll be 6 of 7 because I plan to exercise again tonight. I haven't been using any weights because my body starts building muscle faster than the average joe and my weight rises a bit instead of going down. So I'm only working on aerobic exercises right now so I can get my weight way down before trying to shape my body.

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