Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I actually like my scale

I actually like my scale. Not that it tells me something positive every time I get on it (ie you lost weight) but it helps me to see when I'm doing well, and when I need to buckle down a little more. I've never obsessed over it, and am not aiming for perfection so much I need my scale to tell me I've lost weight every week.

It does keep me on my toes though, and I can definitely appreciate that. Even so, I only weigh myself 2 or 3 times a week (and that includes weight watchers meetings). I have reached several landmarks this week. At weight watchers last night, I got rid of another 2.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 8.6 pounds in January. :) Whoo hoo! Another 1.4 pounds and I'll be in the 280's! Very cool!

Also, I have officially destroyed 25 pounds since I started my lifestyle change about 7 months ago! I am feeling so positive about my journey. I've worked hard, but not that hard. Last week, I only exercised 1 time. So this week, my goal is to exercise 2 times. I did the Couch to 5k last night, so one down!

For the last week, I packed lunch for myself and Jeff every single day, I tracked every single day, and I did my Beck diet solution daily. I'm really to the point where it's all become habit now (except on weekends, so something else to work on there, still) and the consistency is working really well for me. If I continue to get rid of weight at the speed I am (slow, but healthy), I'll be at my goal in April of next year, hopefully without so much extra skin. So awesome! As fast as the last years have gone, it doesn't seem so far away at all!

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