Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New official weight!

Last night, I had my weekly meeting at weight watchers. I decided to go to an earlier meeting so that I could grab dinner for Jeff and I on my way home. It was interesting how the group dynamics are so different at the 5:30 meeting than the 7pm meeting that I usually attend. The group was soo oppotsite of what I was used to. And they kept looking at me funny when I volunteered information that the group leader was asking for. Apparently, they normally all just sit there listen.

As of last night, my weight is officially 289 pounds! I lost 4 pounds during the last week, which could be attributed to the exercise I've been doing. So awesome! I haven't had a loss like this since I started losing weight, about 6 months ago. So I am now officially at 26 pounds gone! I 've lost 11.4 pounds with weight watchers. This is so awesome!

Random thought for the day; My husband goes to school at a large mall, and just called me on the phone to chat. As we were talking, he says "there goes the herd". When I asked him what he was talking about, he said it's the "herd of mothers". About 12 of them jog around the mall pushing their strollers in front of them, and when they get to certain places, they stop and get their kiddos out of the strollers and lift them up for their strength training. LOL, wish I could see that!

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