Monday, February 22, 2010

Why I had a Shi**y day yesterday

Yesterday, I was so determined to do well, that on my way home from work, I planned what I'd have for dinner before my weight watchers meeting. I didn't want to have something heavy since I was going to be weighed, so I settled on a spinach (and a little lettuce) salad, with baby shrimps, ligh thousand island and 2 hardboiled eggs.

So when I got home, I put the eggs on to boil, while I chopped up the other stuff. When the eggs were done boiling, etc., I put them in the sink and started to peel them, and came across the yolky not solid center. Obviously they weren't completely cooked. So I threw that one away. As my time was becoming less, got the other one and a brand new one and put them in water in the microwave. Then I went to put my shoes on. About a minute later, I hear a loud explosion, and in looking into the microwave, there my two eggs, splattered all over it, and the two yolks sitting happily off by them selves. How they survived fully intact, I'll never know.

Now I really was out of time, so I put 2 new eggs onto the stovetop, and cleaned up the disgusting mess in the microwave. Ten minutes later, the eggs were boiling so I turned them off and left for my meeting. And found out there I gained 1.2 pounds. While I know it was probably mostly due to my TOM, I was still frustrated, and nearly cried. it wasn't my weight on the scale so much as I was in pain, the eggs, work, weight; everything compounding and turning it into a crappy day.

But that's over, so I'm going to try to feel better. I'm really looking forward to the first week of March. That's Jeff's spring break, and I took the whole week off, so we're going up to a resort in Welches for a couple of days, and to the beach. It'll be so nice to be away from it all with him.

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