Thursday, February 25, 2010

A great decision!

Yesterday at work, Jeff sent me a text asking what we're doing for dinner. Usually, I don't think about it until I'm driving home, but when he prompts me like this, it means he wants to get something more fun and delicious than what I'd make... AKA fast food.

So I asked what he wanted, and he said he felt like chinese. I could've felt like chinese as well, but I would've had to pick it up from panda express because it's on my way home, and I didn't like that at all! I've gone in there 1 time successfully; as in preplanning exactly what I'm going to get and then sticking with it. The rest of the times, I end up swapping an entree for orange chicken, which is 10 whole points or getting the delicious rangoons and upping my points!!! It's delicious, but what a waste. I usually just have a bite of Jeff's and I'm happy. I stick with mushroom chicken which is much more reasonable.

Well yesterday, I didn't feel like going through the struggle that it would be, so I told Jeff that he can get what he wants; I'm goin' to subway! And at subway, I got a sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread, with lite mayo and mustard, and stacks of spinach. Well, they would've been stacks of spinach if the worker there would have listened to me. I said "a tiny bit of lettuce and a 'handful' of spinach".

So she puts 4 leaves on it. So I said again "can you put more spinach?" and she puts 4 more leaves on it. So I threw my hands in the air on it. After she put on the olives, I decided I'm not giving up! I want my spinach on the sandwich! I'm not getting a ton of other vegetables, so they can accomodate me. So when she asked if there's any other vegetables I want on it, I said "more spinach please!", and she puts, get this!!! 4 more leaves on it.

Seriously, she didn't get the concept of a handful. A handful is not 4 leaves. It's acutally a HAND FULL! So I didn't get the salad I wanted, because that's how I make my sandwich more healthy. But it was good enough. And I'm giving myself credit because I made the 'better' decision to eat at subway instead of panda express.

I'm really looking forward to next week. It's Jeff's spring break, so I took the whole week off as well (I love PTO!!)! We're going to the beach Sunday and Monday nights, then Tuesday through Thursday nights we're going up to Welches to a resort my FIL has a timeshare at. It's going to be so great to spend so much time with him! I can't wait!!! In the meantime, this week is dragging on like crazy! I feel like it's been a month and I'm only in Thursday. :(

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