Friday, February 12, 2010

A REAL success!

It's totally awesome! Last night, we got dinner from Panda Express. I have written out how many points my favorite foods are on a card, so I looked at it and wrote down what I was going to order when I got there.

Normally, I end up feeling restricted and order a meal entirely different than I had planned, and of course, go waay over on calories and points. The success part is that this time, I went in prepared. I had two of my cards (Beck Diet Solution) with me. One said "No Choice", which means that once I have decided on my plan for the day, I have no choice but to continue with it. Whether it's a meal out, etc. The second card said something that I regularly deal with.

Sabotaging thought: "But it looks and smells so good. If I let myself get it this time, I'll say no next time". Response: Look and smell it all you want. If I let myself get it this time, I'm not stretching my resistance muscle and will probably give in next time too. Being thin is worth passing up the extra calories and points".

I had the cards set out before I even left work, and when I got in line to order, I read them each twice. And I did it! I actually stuck with what I had planned to order, and had point counts for. I know this book has already helped me out, but with the success I felt after last night, I know it can really help me change my mindset about food. I'm so proud that I brought the cards with me, and didn't allow myself to give in. :) Whoo hoo!!!!!

Also, after I got home and enjoyed my dinner, I did day 2 of my c25k again. It was less tough than on Tuesday, but I did make it all the way through again! I always think it's funny; for example, in one of Leslie Sansone's videos, she says you may not enjoy the working out, but doesn't it feel good?!?!? I have to say... NO. I really dislike working out and getting sweaty and smelly. Just not my cup of tea. The only thing that feels even remotely good about working out is knowing that I did work out. Because that's for me. Physically, there is no high for me, or "hey, my body actually feels good". Nope. I just don't wanna do it, so I always laugh when someone says it to me. "Don't you feel great now?!?!?"

"No, I don't. But I get a whole day off before I have to do it again!!" LOL!

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