Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This weekend, Jeff and I both ate at home all weekend. I made our meals, and it was actually really nice. I also stuffed some herbs under a chicken’s skin, and stuffed him full of lemon and lime sliced and tossed him into the crockpot for several hours. It tastes just as good as the rotisserie chicken you can get at the store, only it’s cheaper. I also made an amazing tomato sauce with small sausage meatballs. I let it simmer for like 8 hours, and it was sooo good! So as of Sunday, I had all our dinners for the week cooked. All I have to do now is re-heat them.

I also found out that I actually can get a membership with the aquatic center. They apparently don’t really check to see if you’re in city limits, so if your license says the city, that’s all they want. I went and signed up last night, and it cost me $126 for 6 months. That’s $21 a month, which is about fifteen dollars savings from 24-hour fitness. Then I called 24 today to cancel my membership and finally got ahold of someone (I tried for an hour and a half yesterday). She kept pushing and pushing me to stay with them. I told her that the main reason I’m leaving them is that they don’t have any of the classes I’d be interested in, on my schedule. They’re also about 20 minutes from home, as opposed to the aquatic center which is only about 7 minutes. So I can go home, and then go back and not eat up a huge chunk of time. The best part is that I cancelled my membership within the 3 (business) day cooling period, which means I don’t get charged a cent, and get a complete refund of all that I have paid! It’s a good thing all around!

I have weight watchers tonight, and I’m thinking I’m probably not going to have a loss, as while I did cook all weekend, I didn’t measure portion sizes, or track my points. If I’m around the same, I’ll be happy. It’s only too bad I don’t lose a pound because I don’t get the three awards I was so looking forward to. I will get the 16 weeks attendance however, which I also think is great! It’s a sign of my maturity that I’ve attended a meeting this long consistently. Used to me that I was a little commitment phobic, and attending a meeting would’ve been inside of that. I would’ve gone for awhile, then I would have gotten tired of feeling like I don’t have any time to myself, and I would have stopped going. I’m definitely growing up!

In working on a new plan for eating, I found a 1,500 calorie menu, that is really great, and pretty flexible. For example: For Breakfast, it gives you several options in the whole grain category, and tells you to pick one. Then there’s a dairy, and fruit one. And you pick one selection out of all of the options. I also decided that I’m going to start eating breakfast at home, and then when I pack my lunch, I’ll only have to pack 2 snacks to go with it. Right now, I eat breakfast, I just prefer the extra sleep in the morning, so I bring it with me to work and eat it when I get there. I really feel like these changes will help keep me on track, and get things moving again. I like that.

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  1. glad you found a good plan that works for you! that's half the battle. sounds like youre a great cook too....which doesnt hurt!