Thursday, May 13, 2010

I stayed in my limit again!!!

Food for 10/12/10
Yogurt 160
Whole wheat English muffin 130
1 T. butter 102
1 square inch danish 53
3 oz. chicken 94
1 C. carrots 55
Banana 125
Granola Bar 100
Apple 81
Pop Chips 120
Chicken salad 137
Whole wheat pitas 260
Cheddar cheese 228.5

Grand TOTAL: 1645 calories!!! & 32 points!!!

Last night, I went to the water aerobics class which was simply wonderful. I love anything that has to do with water, and using the flotation noodle and water as resistance is a great way to go. They have 4 different colors, which are different sizes as well, and I always take the toughest one and I love using it in a push-up for one arm, holding the noodle by my thigh, then raising it up and pushing it back down again. It’s awesome!

Then my friend who was going to do the cardio dance with me told me she had forgotten that she was going to Bunco and a baby shower, so we rescheduled. I came home, made myself some delicious chicken salad in whole wheat pitas with cheddar for dinner, which were delicious! Then I went and did the beginning of C25K again with my sister. I figure, even if I never get to the point of finishing the program, I am getting myself moving a lot.

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  1. Awesome job!! Way to go on a great day of eating :)