Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Muscle burns more calories than fat

Well, I may not get in every day, but at least every other day is better than nothing! The last two days have been really good! On Monday night, I made a Turkey Veggie Chili in the crockpot to take with me to work for lunch. It turned out delicious and filling, and only 256 calories for 2 Cups, because it’s mostly vegetable and a small amount of turkey and beans.

So my daily calorie totals were 1,766 on Monday and 1,537 on Tuesday! YAY! I’ve also been doing my workouts, consistently. One of these days I’ll show a picture of my calendars with stars on them (for when I work out). They’re quite colorful and are a definite motivational tool. So far this month, I’ve worked out 19 days out of 24 (from yesterday) and I’ll be going to do my water aerobics tonight as well.

At my weight watchers meeting last night, our leader said that “muscle burns more calories than fat” which makes sense, and then she said “when a woman wants to lose weight, what’s the first exercise she thinks of?” And of course, everyone said the treadmill, which is a good aerobic exercise, but then asked the one guy in the room what the first thing he started doing was and he said lifting weights. And that’s why men lose weight faster than women. They develop more muscle from the start and their bodies burn more calories because of it. It makes sense to me, especially since my husband is losing weight at a faster rate than I am, and he’s doing mostly strength training, but what are your thoughts?


  1. doesn't hardly seem fair does it?smile.

  2. Funny that you would write about this today because I was just reworking my workout schedule to incorporate more strength training time. We'll see how it goes...
    Love your stars for the calendar idea. I use a little reward system, much like I use with the kids at kids group... its funny how motivational stuff like that can be, lol. :)