Friday, May 28, 2010

My daily update

I can’t find my tracking book, but I know I’ve stayed within my calories for the last two days. Yesterday, I packed alunch and everything, but decided at the last minute I wanted the deli food, you know, the deep fried stuff. I looked up calories and everything, and in the end, was able to get what I wanted, and then had my chili for dinner. I’m sure my fat intake was above what is suggested, I’m not too worried because my calories were fine, and I haven’t done that in a long time! I think my calories yesterday were around 1650-ish.

On Sunday, we’re having a bbq with some friends and family (supposedly the weather will be good). While they may be bringing a dish, we’re providing most of it, which actually works out great. It might be more work for me, but it also means that I’ll know the nutritionals on nearly every food there! I’m really looking forward to it! After my last bbqing fiasco, this should make up for it nicely.


  1. I'll bring the chili. : ) Oops! Sorry, got carried away. All I read was "BBQ".

  2. Way to stop and take the time to look up the stats on the deli food! I know several people (myself included) who would just eat it and then worry about the calories later (and I wonder why I don't lose weight). I hope you enjoy your BBQ!