Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There's a pattern in all of this

Last night’s weigh-in was as I had expected. I was up 1.6 pounds, mostly I think, due to the weekend. We ate out more than we usually do, and I did not order as well as I should have. Luckily, and happily however, my weight is still in the 280’s, which is great. Next week, I plan for there to be a loss.

At the meeting last night, someone made a point that when you’re losing weight, it’s like 75% food and 25% exercise. In other words, you can exercise all you want, but if you don’t at least make some healthy changes food-wise, it’s unlikely you’ll lose. Which seems to be true for me. For the last week, I used all 28 of my activity points and then some, and ate well during the week. But most evenings, and my weekend was pretty bad.

Besides my daily points target, I have 35 points in my points allowance, weekly. So I can go over for a couple of days and still stay within reason, supposedly. And it does work for some people. For me though, it seems that when I use more than half my point’s allowance, I gain. So last night, I got out a new points book, and decided to limit how many points I get with my points allowance. I crossed off half of them. To see a change, I will be taking my tracking book with me all weekend. I should really tape it to my arm. I will track everything I eat, and eat way better this weekend, and these evenings. I will exercise, though I won’t be trying for every day right now, to see if there’s a difference.


  1. I did the exact same thing, we went out of town and got me off my regular eating habits and I did not gain but no weight lost. I try and exercise 3 times a week and I am just walking for now.

  2. I know what you are saying. It can be so frustrating. And like I just posted on my blog...we have to find that sweet spot that allows us to lose at a steady rate. It is just matter of finding it. When I was on weight watchers I had the same issue. If I used any of those 35 points I would not lose. Maybe give it a trial week and dont use any of them. Just eat your allowed daily points. The other thing with WW is that there are some things are easy to "miscalculate" when it comes to points. Especially when it is food you are not preparing yourself(which happens to be my favorite kind of food!. So maybe if you keep to you daily points and then any "miscalculations" could be overflow into your 35 allowance points that you arent using. I am certainly not telling you what to do, just trying to help! But you know your body better than anyone.
    Me...I am still doing Medifast and have been exercising a lot lately(and thanks for the comments on my blog!!!). This week after all my hard efforts a loss of 1.5. last week it was 2. I know I should be happy with that but my efforts are a lot for me(i never was an exerciser) and I want more!!! Selfish? Maybe. But I spoke with my health coach and she told me I am probably exercising too much for the amount of calories I am taking in. Great...the last thing I need is to put my body into starvation mode!!!She said to cut my exercise in half for 2 weeks. I was hoping she would tell me to eat more so I dont have to exercise less but no such luck. My point is that I am too looking for that sweet spot for what will make the weight come off in a steady manner and keep me motivated! We can do this and just need to be diligent and patient!!! I am down 23 lbs on medifast and 43 from my highest weight and the only thing that is keeping me motivated is that I just reached a weight I have not been at in over 10 years.
    Sorry this turned into a novel!!!!