Thursday, April 29, 2010


Jeff and I got back from our trip on Monday. We did eat out a couple of times, and I did make small changes all weekend, to keep an eye on what I ate, but I didn’t track my points at all. I also didn’t track my activity, however I did stay a little more active, since we were visiting a new city.

On Saturday, we visited a museum that had a memorial site on a hill (that looked like a mountain!!!). It was a pretty steep, and straight up climb to get to the top. I did make it, only stopping to take a breath one time for about 5 seconds. It was quite a workout! Then we took the trail back down the other side, and it wound more gently down the hill. We followed it around to see the other sites, and probably ended up walking a mile and a half total. Then later that day, we went to the store, and my cousing and I deserted the guys to walk back to their house, which was also up a bit of a hill. It was probably a half mile. Then on Sunday, my cousin and I went on a walk around the block, (a very LARGE block), and got a good 15-20 minutes in.

All in all, I expected to gain, for the simple reason that I don’t do so well on weekends, or on vacations. The fact is, I lost 0.6 pounds. I was really surprised, but then again, I have definitely been more on top of things lately. Even cooler is that it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve had a gain two weeks in a row. Usually, I lose a bunch, then gain a little, etc. It’s slow progress to lose weight, but averaging it out, I’ve lost a tiny bit over 1 pound every week for the last 4 months. It’s progress!!!

I’m also officially at 286 pounds, just 1 pound away from my 5% and 10% goals (Weight watchers, and original starting weight). And if I lose 1 pound next week, I’ll get a couple of awards. The first is another 5 pounds gone. The second is 5% gone. And the third for my attendance of 16 weeks with weight watchers! I have to be down 1 pound, just because I’ll get all of those! That’s some serious motivation!!!

Jeff and I are planning on getting a three or six month membership through the aquatic center in our town. They have the Olympic sized pool, a weight room, exercise machines, hot tub, sauna, etc. It’s a really great place, and I’ve always enjoyed going there. But the last time I went, I was really disappointed to see they had put a Pizza Schmizza right inside the lobby! So you come out of the gym or changing room after exercising and you have to smell the delicious pizza, right there!!! It makes me kind of mad, just because I’m working so hard at changing my body and mindset and they’re standing there dangling a slice of cheesy pizza under my nose. Seriously, where’s the courtesy?!? It’d be easier (and more considerate) if the pizza place was outside the door, so the smells didn't collect in the lobby area. When we get our membership, I'm going to have to be really strong to resist that!

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