Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I took a break and feel refreshed!!!

Last week, I found myself frustrated that I had gained twice in a row, despite staying within my points target, using my points allowance, and using all of my activity points. When you’re putting in that much effort, it’s difficult to stay positive through it all. So on Thursday (last week), I decided to lay off and relax until my new points book would start, and maybe figure out what was going on.

This worked out for the best, because AF attacked on Friday and I wouldn’t have done a good job anyways. So, I didn’t track anything. No points, no activities, nothing. I stayed aware of my food and that’s about it. And looking at past books and comparing weights, I realized that I typically lost weight on the weeks that I used little or none of my extra points allowance. The weeks I used more than a quarter, I maintained, and when I used more than half or all of them, I gained. This was an awesome finding for me! It means that while I may not for sure have a loss tonight, next week I will, if I don’t use any of my points allowance. I think that will be do-able, especially since I really want to lose weight.

Last night I weighed myself, to get a feel for how I did over the weekend without tracking, and my weight was my lowest ever!!! 285.6 pounds, which means according to my scale, (not WW), I have lost 30 pounds! 10% of my weight is now gone. I’m feeling pretty proud. On my scale, my first weight last year was 313 pounds. Weight Watcher’s scale seems to be 2 pounds higher, so I can adjust accordingly, but since I first weighed myself on my scale, I’m going to count that as a victory!!!

I also went shopping last night, and got lots of fruits and veggies and some lean meats. Then when I got home, I prepped a bunch of them so that I can just grab a handful of carrot sticks for lunches, and scoop up some cut up cantaloupe, instead of having to cut it. Major time saver! I also made a recipe I found on-line. It was a healthy chicken and broccoli casserole. Only I nixed the 3T. of fat free mayonnaise, because, face it, it still has fat (and it couldn’t be that big of a deal), and used only 1 small can of cream of mushroom soup. I measured shredded cheese onto my new handy dandy food scale and got a precise measurement. And when it was finished cooking, I cooled it and put it into serving sized containers for dinners. I love that I’ll be able to just pull that out of the freezer and not have to cook anything big except maybe a potato or something.

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  1. Hey, you are doing great! Congratulations on the new low. I bet you feel awesome :)