Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Ramblings

I’m feeling a tad sore today, though compared to other times, I would say barely. Last night, I worked off another 5 activity points, which brings me down to 20 remaining for the next 5 days. I had considered doing the C25k again (since I won’t be able to do it tonight) but decided instead to do the Wii Free Step. I started out for a half hour, and it starts really slow, so I sped it up as fast as it goes, and did that for a half hour while I watched The Wedding Date. Then, since I was trying to average 4 points a day in exercise, I decided to do another half hour. So I did, and while my calves were definitely aching a little, I made it through and the time flew by because I got to watch the movie. I’m really liking that particular program because once you get it started, you can change the channel to watch something interesting, or watch a movie. I know I work out better when I’m distracted and this seems to work.

I also ate well yesterday, though we did stop by Taco Bell after church and get something. But instead of spending 9 or more points on one burrito that I like, I got a beef soft taco (3 points) and some fiesta potatoes (6). Basically, while we probably shouldn’t have gone there to start with, I did have the points left, and I paid attention to what I ordered to keep my points low. In the end, I went over on my points target by 2 points. Not bad! And they were the first points I’ve used from my points allowance this week, so I don’t think it was a big deal at all.

Because today is Good Friday, I’m fasting, and not eating meat. So I didn’t bring any of the usual snacky things that I’d put into my lunch box. I have 1 container of yogurt, 1 small granola bar and 1 can of Progresso vegetable minestrone soup to last me until this evening (a total of 9 points). But the fun part of today is at midnight tonight, my Mom is having a fun little get-together and providing ham and rolls to break our fast. Should be a lot of fun, and maybe a fun new tradition!

I’ve been thinking about what to do for our Easter baskets this year, as I want to avoid putting too much candy into them. Over the last 3 days, I have gotten about 10different things of candy from people at work for whatever reason, so I’ve been taking them home and stashing them in my hiding spot so Jeff doesn’t see them until I put them into his basket. While I don’t eat much candy, and will be happy with a couple of goodies, he fully expects them, so I think I can control how much he eats, by how much I put into them… Sneaky isn’t it. LOL


  1. I love that feature on the Wii; its my way of getting a little movement into an off day. The Husband looks at me kinda funny be oh well, lol.

  2. Sounds like you have been figuring out a way to do exercise that doesnt make you feel like you are doing it! Thats great! I used to get on the treadmill with a set amount of time in my head and watch and watch the time clock. That is the worst! When I started doing Zumba I realized I can have fun while burning calories. Who knew?! Sometimes I get going on a workout and decide to go a little further too. Isnt that the best? Good for you! I tell you...its the getting off the couch and taking the initial step to start the exercise that is the hardest part! Good for you. Keep it up. I have been working out with Tony Litle lately (his DVD) and it is only 20 minutes and only 8 exercises. So I dont have an excuse because it is such a short period of time. Its a different kind of workout for me instead of cardio so I am watiting to see how it plays out on the scale :) Keep up the good work. Happy Easter!