Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm not defeated; it's just a hill.

Well, it’s that time again. I had my weight watchers meeting last night, and I was pretty sure I had probably gained, although I knew it wouldn’t be a huge amount. I went back up 1.6 pounds to 290.2 pounds. In the last week, I only exercised 1 time. I really need to kick that up a notch, mostly because when I exercise a couple times a week, there’s an obvious difference. About a month ago, I exercised for 7 days straight (and only about a half hour each time) and at my weigh-in, I found I’d lost 4 pounds.

Knowing that I had been so successful once, why is it that I can’t seem to do it again? I really struggle with the exercising part of this and it’s driving me nuts. I will be sitting there on the couch watching tv, knowing I should be exercising, and just lacking the motivation to actually get up and do it. So after I got home last night, I rode on my bike for 15 minutes, while watching Biggest Loser, which was something.

I set a new mini goal for myself. I’ve noticed that I have barely used any of my activity points every week; this last week, I only used 3 out of 28! So my goal is to use up all of my activity points by next Tuesday and to be able to cross them ALL off. That would be pretty darn cool. And I want to get into the 280’s and stay there. I’ve been hovering in the high 280’s- low 290’s (although maintaining), but I really want to see a seven somewhere in the middle of the number. Not to mention reaching my 10% weight lost since joining SP and 5% since joining WW.

I am going to do this.


  1. I only set mini goals for myself. I go for 10 lb goals at a time. You can do it.. Mark off all of your activity points and keep us posted.

  2. I am glad that you too are doing some "self realization". I am not even sure that is an actual phrase but you know what I am trying to say! Learning the things that make us strong, and weak for that matter is what will help us to succeed. We are our own worst enemies, but we can also be our own biggest coach! We just forget that part sometimes. so good for you for realizing that you need to exercise to get your weight moving. Think of a goal. What would make you excited? you said if you see a 7 as a middle number right? I bet that when you see that 7 you will be so excited and motivated to make it turn into a 6, then 5, etc...Exercise is not that fun. but you need to find something that you like to do. For me it is zumba even if I look ridiculous. Also, I watch this show on tv, its called "Ruby" and its about an obese girl who is losing weight. She is so inspiring. Maybe it is on the style channel?? This weeks episode was about changing it up to make your weight loss greater since hers slowed down. So she changed up 5 things in her daily routine and dont you know she lost 10 lbs that week? My point is...change it up and see what happens. Take a walk a few times this week, take the stairs instead of the elevator, try giving up diet soda, etc. see what it gets you at the end of the week. My goal was to exercise 6 days this week. Tomorrow is weigh day and tonight is workout 6. Will i have to drag myself to the treadmill? Yes....but once I am going its better because I know that sweat means that I am on my way to losing weight! And when you see that 7 it will motivate you to exercise even if you hate it! Now...lets just hope the scale agrees tomorrow. I will let you know!