Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Official weight

Well, I had my official weigh-in last night, and the damage isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Remember, two weeks ago I weighed 289 pounds. I was worried that I’d be 297-ish this week, because while I did exercise on vacation, I definitely didn’t eat well. When I got back and weighed myself, it was up about 8 pounds, so I ate better and exercised more through Tuesday and my weigh-in weight was 292 pounds. 3 pounds is not bad for having gone on vacation.

Overall, in my first month of weight watchers, I lost 8.6 pounds. The second month I gained 0.4 pounds. Again, not bad because I’m kind of maintaining. The lousy part is hindsight; if I had stayed on plan through the second month, I’d almost be seeing the 270’s now. Ugh.

Due to all of the above :), I wrote out a simple menu for myself which incorporates a lot of vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. This particular menu also should help me to get the nutrients I need to be healthier. I’m hoping to get my sister to go shopping with me this weekend, as I’m running out of the good foods. LOL, I really should shop more, but I don’t like going to crowded stores.

I also got a 10 pound kettle bell to exercise with. I really like it; the shape and handle make it easy to hold, and it came with 3 work-outs on a dvd. One is 10 minutes, one is 15 and one is 20. I did the 10 minute work-out the first night and the next day discovered I have muscles on my inner thighs. I love that working with a kettle bell uses a lot of momentum and using your body to add momentum. It’s very comfortable. The music’s a little funky, but the instructor on the dvd is awesome! She explains every movement very well, and takes it easy which makes the time go by faster. I’m really liking it.

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  1. that is great about the kettle bells. Are you still using them? Are you really sore after you use them? Where did you buy them that they came with a DVD? That sounds great!I have been wanting to get some since I am now loving "The biggest loser" on tv. That show is what jump started my motivation. Last season was so inspiring.

    Hi there! So glad you visited my blog today. I also got yours from Lyn. I am glad you are doing the WW program. It is a really great program. It wasnt until I started Medifast that I realized that the reason it didnt "work" for me this time was because of me!!! I hadnt realized how much of the kids stuff I was picking at and not counting. The great thing about WW is that once you do it the concept and even point values tend to stay with you forever! I still look at chicken wings and think "that is 3 pts!" haha. I know without a doubt that when I am done actually losing the weight on Medifast(I sure hope I can get all the way to my goal) that I will do WW. I had no problem maintaining my weight by following the program. I have about 50-60 lbs left to lose and I look forward to incorporating WW back into my life. It really has taught me how to eat well. Anyway...just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello and let you know I will help support you on your journey! Let me know if you need anything. I am down 17.5 lbs in my first month of Medifast. I have found that blogging is a great means of support!