Monday, March 29, 2010

My weekends can use some work

This weekend, I didn’t do the greatest, though I was definitely aware of what I was eating. I didn’t track my points; not an excuse, but I was really busy and kept forgetting to. I had birthday cake both days because of Jeff’s birthday. Though if I compared the amount now to the amount a year and a half ago, I’d say it was less than half what I used to eat which is such a huge change for me. Then on Saturday at Jeff’s birthday party, I had a carb smart tortilla with the works, but I put a lot less meat and beans, and a lot more lettuce and tomatoes. The sour cream was light, so that helped too. I ended up putting too much on the small tortilla, so I scraped off half of it and put it into a crunchy taco, and when I finished both, I was pretty stuffed. So I think that was a pretty successful dinner.

On Saturday, the only exercise I got was walking around a lot at a couple of garage sales I went to with my sister. We brought her 3 kids, so I helped keep track of them, which was probably a little more walking than I’d have normally done.

Unfortunately then, on Sunday, my Mom had a dinner for Jeff’s birthday, and we had baked chicken, and pasta salad, and rolls, and salad with dressing, and beans in gravy, and cake. And I did only have one serving of everything but the rolls (thankfully they were small), and was full by the time I finished.

Then on Sunday, Jeff had to go to bed by 8 because he has to be up at 4:30 on Monday for school, so I watched a great movie on the laptop and biked for 4 miles. I’ve decided I need to get a more comfortable seat for it, as when I pried myself off of it, there was pain in places there should not have been pain. But I have to say that watching the movie instead of the odometer did make the time go faster on the bike. I started out planning to go 1 mile. Then, since that one was really easy and I wasn’t tired, I decided to go 2 miles. When I got to that one, I decided to challenge myself and go for 3. So I did. Then I felt like three isn’t a round number, and it really should be four, so I went another mile to even it up. Can we say obsessive-compulsive? Sometimes, I tend to border on that. However, in this instance, I think it didn’t do anything but help.

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  1. It does sound like you are very conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. And that is a huge step! Go you! Obviously tracking is the way to go regardless of what you write it on. There were times I wrote my pts on napkins, envelopes, etc. But things do get busy making that hard sometimes. Like I said before...I never seem to have a problem maintaining on WW but cant ever seem to get the weight off:( And it is because of me, not the program. I have bad eating habits and I know it. I wish I didnt LOVE food that isnt good for me. Why cant I love veggies? lol. I hadnt realized until I started medifast just how much I was picking at the kids food and how many "this doesnt count" stuff I ate. So good for you for making the effort to eat less and smart! I am sure it will pay off! Do you weigh once a week? I weigh on Thursday and wait for that day ALL week long :)