Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Tonight I have my weekly weight-watchers meeting. I've been eyeing the scale to see kind of where I'm at, and I think I've gained since last week. I was doing pretty good up until Friday evening, and it all went down hill from there. If I could just gain control of my weekends, I think I'd be losing alot more weight, because it really comes right off on the days that I put forth even a little effort. Anfd then I lose that effort come Saturday and Sunday, and by Monday, I have to work really hard to get back into the swing of things.

I lost 0 pounds last month, and actually gained 0.4. I'm finding myself annoyed, because as much as I want to be thin and healthy and lose weight, I know I'm not giving 100%.

It seems to me that what I struggle with is when the weekend comes, I almost forget that I'm trying to lose weight, so I slip back into old habits. I need to do something that reminds me at home daily what I'm trying to do. I'm thinking visual aids; Like what?!? I suppose sticky notes could be one. But then again, I have a couple up already, and don't pay attention to them. I need something more obvious. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking about this. I need to get back on track. It'll take me 5 years to reach my goal if I keep wavering like I have been.

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