Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sometimes I'm a slogger! (slacker blogger)

My gosh, I know I’ve been slacking on my blog for the last (almost) week, but I haven’t been slacking with exercise, so Yay! Eating is still a bit of a struggle, but I’m not giving up, so I know eventually I’ll get complete control of it. And sadly, AF is coming for a visit in the next day or so, so I have a feeling my weight will be up again, as happens every single time! But I’ll get back down again. I will!

So a great NSV happened the other day. I went shopping for some winter clothes, and found a bunch of them. I grabbed them all in 3x, because that’s the size that fit me, the last time I shopped. In fact I only found one shirt then that was a 2x that fit. Well into the fitting room I went and tried on all 8 shirts and 2 pants, and EVERY SINGLE ITEM (except one) was too big. Like way too big! So I got dressed again and had the sales lady find me everything in 2x, which all fits!!! I am officially (and excitedly) one size smaller now! I haven’t been in size 22 bottoms or 2x tops in several years, so this is FINALLY a real honest to God size change. Proof that I’ve finally done something right for myself!

Speaking of doing something right for myself, I made a pasta roni boxed meal the other day for dinner. Did you know, if you don’t add the 2 T. of butter, and use skim milk, it cuts the calories a huge amount. The box says if you prep it according to their directions, each serving will be 300 calories. A lot for a tiny pile of pasta, and so close to not being worth it. Instead, I did it the way I said above. No butter, and only ½ C. of skim milk (same amount of milk as box directions, just less fatty milk) and each serving was only 206 calories. While not the most nutritionally sound food ever, I felt it was much more reasonable, and made it so I could still enjoy something I used to enjoy. Seriously, it tasted exactly the same as before, just less greasy.

A blog that I read the other day wrote some questions that were thought provoking to me. What do you want to gain on your journey? What do you envision as your life, your body, your health in a year? Five years? Ten? Be honest. What do you *really* want? Being specific, in positives instead of negatives.

Well, I want to be healthier. More specifically, I want to be able to do physical activities without turning bright red in the face, and huffing and puffing my way around. I want to run a full 5k. I want to weigh less than 170 pounds (what I weighed in high school) before my 30th birthday. I want to wear size 10 clothes. I want to get a tattoo, that won’t look funny as I age. I want to get my belly button pierced, and having a flat stomach, it will actually be visible. I want to be fit with great arms and a great butt. I want to do it against a wall with my hubby.  Are those specific enough?!? I will have these things and experiences someday, and I am going to be soo proud of what I have accomplished, and seeing them written down, and picturing my future accomplishments makes me that much more determined to follow.

What about you?


  1. Congrats on the 2x's. That is great. Now me I would love to do it against a wall with my hubby.. Hummm.. something to think about.. lol

  2. Congratulations Laura! Going from a 3x to a 2x is something smile about, jump up and down about and definitely shout about. So one more time, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very awesome shopping experience in deed. You are way to making all of those goals a reality.

  3. Congrats on going down a size. Get used to it it is only going to continue with the goals you have set.

    My goal is to get my feet better so I can walk again without using the aide from my hubby or my wheelchair. Then I will focus on more exercise and getting into a size 8. That's the next size. Love reading what's going on in your life so don't stay away so long next time:(

  4. Yaaay! NSV's are the best!!! Keep up the good work!