Thursday, September 9, 2010


We had a really good time on vacation. My hubby and my cousin drove down early in the day on Friday (with my cousins daughter) to get us a good camping spot and get everything set up. Then after my cousins wife and I both finished work, we picked up their baby and drove to central Oregon together as well. We ended up not arriving until 11:30pm, and so missed the scenery of most of the drive, though I did get to see it on our way back out again.

I did ok eating-wise over the weekend. I don’t know what it is about camping that makes a person graze so much. I know there’s a lot of extra food hanging around, but not that much, and yet I snacked big time on Fruit Loops and Doritos. The good part is that we got quite a bit of exercise on Saturday, which hopefully helped. There were several times I wished I’d brought my pedometer so I could track how many steps I took, but I unfortunately forgot. We ended up walking 2 miles to the store and back, half of it along sand which takes a little more effort. Then we walked up to see the lava flows probably a mile total, then later that day we checked out the lava tubes, where lava had flowed when the volcanoes were really active in this area. Besides being a great workout, I learned so much! I’ve always loved history and really enjoyed this trip!

Our only complaint really was that it got so cold at night. Both Friday and Saturday nights, we slept really poorly because it was so cold. (Jeff and I were even sleeping in our van and it really didn’t help at all). When we went down to lower elevations to get cheaper firewood at a store, we discovered that both nights the temperature had gotten below freezing. No wonder none of us adults slept well. After talking about it, A LOT, we all agreed to get a hotel room for the last night. It wasn’t really wimping out, so much as getting ourselves and the two babies out of the frigid cold for the last night. But I’ve really gotta say that shower and warm room were amazing. Such a relief, when I couldn’t seem to thaw out otherwise.

And on the home front, one of my sisters asked me and Jeff if we’d be interested in getting a roommate again. Apparently one of her friends is separating from her husband and needs a place to stay. So after talking it out, we decided that we were amenable to the idea. We’re just going to make sure that all three of us talk very thoroughly about our expectations, etc. I’ve met her before and she’s really nice so I think we’ll probably get along fine. Another positive is that we’ll be able to save a little more money again, instead of struggling every month to make the ends meet. All in all, I think things should work out this time. [keeping fingers crossed]


  1. Yikes!! So cold!!! We are going camping this weekend. Hopefully we won't have cold nights!!!


  2. I so dislike camping. And I can't i,gine sleeping in those temps. BRR! Bring on the hotel!!