Friday, September 17, 2010

Such a busy week!

Whew, it’s kind of been a crazy week, and I keep forgetting to blog.

I read this quote on someone’s blog today, and it is such a true statement. WHEN IT COMES TO THE SCALE, YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THE WEIGHT YOU DESERVE. JUST NOT NECESSARILY ON THE WEEK YOU WANT IT. Crazy thought, but so true. I did gain this week, but it’s nothing less than I deserve, after all, I know I’ve been slacking in the eating and exercise areas, and can’t really expect a loss, can I?

I’ve done better, though not spot on with my tracking this week. Eating not so much, though I have been exercising and the amount of calories burned still exceeds the amount I ate, so that’s a good thing, though not quite the progress I was looking for. My weigh-in today said 276 pounds. I think it’s actually a little up due to other things, like my picking up exercise again, etc.

I found a great workout routine on SparkPeople called the Bikini workout. Not that I actually intend to be in a bikini anytime soon, but it’s actually a workout I can do. I am able to complete each exercise, which is a totally new thing. Too often, I come across a workout that looks good, but in reality is beyond my current capabilities. This workout has me do 15 reps of about 10 exercises for one set. It says to do 3 sets but I’m not able to yet, so this week, I’m doing one set several times (in the week). Then next week, I’ll do two sets, and three the following week.

I’m also debating picking up jump rope. I got it out a week ago, and could only jump about 10 times in a row before tripping up. I remember when I was a kid and jump roping all the time, everywhere. And I could go forever. Now I can barely do it at all. And that’s not even to mention the pain of things bouncing really far. Things that should not be able to bounce up that far. So I’m aiming on making myself jump for 1 minute. So it I trip up, I have to keep on trying until I get to a minute. And I’m going to wear a stomach (and other things) sucker in thingy to hold things in more tightly.

My sister Lisa is still suffering from the headache she’s had for 8 weeks now. She’s seen so many doctors and had so many tests, and still they’re not able to pin anything down. She’s trying something new this week, to see if it makes any difference. Anyways, she was supposed to run a half-marathon at the beginning of October. She knows she won’t be able to run it anymore, so she’s now going to do the walking part of it. Unfortunately she isn’t really able to stand for more than an hour, tops and she likely won’t be able to walk for nearly that long. She decided she’ll have to get a wheelchair for when she’s tired, and my 3 other sisters and I each volunteered to take a leg, and get her to the finish line. I’m glad to be able to support her, more than anything, but I know how excited she was to run this, and to have to go over the finish line in a wheelchair is a tough pill to swallow. If you will, please keep her in your prayers.

Oh yeah, and in regards to the critter in the shed last week, we never did figure out what it was. I think he found a way out, so I’ll never know.

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  1. OMG- your poor sister. There is nothing more frsutrating than having something wrong that they cant figure out. I will say a prayer for her.