Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy animals!

Whoo hoo! My weight is down, albeit only 0.2 pounds, but nonetheless, it is a loss, and I’m happy to see the scale going in the right direction!

I’ve tracked my foods fairly well for the last couple of days. I’ve noticed that I do fine tracking in the day, but when it comes to evening, I slack. I’ve been putting it all into Spark People’s food tracker, which is fairly easy to work with once you mess around with it enough and learn how it works. Last night, I stayed within my limit, until I went to my Moms and had a glass of apple cider. Although, I figure it is 100% real apple cider, made by my aunt, so no added anything, so it was good for me nutritionally including extra vitamins. Yay! I didn’t add it to my tracker though. I can’t seem to find actual nutritionals for real fresh fruit juice with no added anything. Oh well.

Jeff and I live out in the country, in a house surrounded on all four sides by fields. Our nearest neighbor is across the street and down about 100 feet, although he recently passed away. So being out in the country, we deal with a number of wild animals, like skunks and raccoons, and did I mention skunks? I’ve lived there for nearly 6 years now, and have gotten skunked* so many times, I can’t even count. And over those same years, I have caught somewhere in the area of 35 skunks in our trap. 35 skunks!!! And they fight with everything!!!

*Skunked: When a skunk sprays near or on your house, making everything smell like skunk and nasty for a few days.

Well the landlord has a huge shed on our property for his farm equipment, combines, tractors, etc., and had left the huge door open for about 2 weeks, inviting any and all crazy animals and human’s to move in. And something did. Unfortunately then he closed the door, and accidentally trapped something in there. For the last couple of nights I’ve heard something moving around in there, although we didn’t realize what or where it was, and couldn’t pin down where the sound was coming from until last night. Whatever it is, it’s big. The way things were banging around in there, I’m thinking a large skunk or raccoon. So we got out our handy dandy trap and Jeff’s standing behind me (he was using me as a shield, if you can believe it! What a mensch.) with the two small flashlights; he was supposed to be shining them where I could see. And there I’m standing, trying to figure out how I can slip this trap into the door without some animal flying at me from the darkness.

I finally manage to get the door open and I’m banging on the shed to “hopefully” keep him away from me, but then, the trap snaps shut! I had to step in a little bit, still banging crap into the shed for noise to reset the dang thing. The second I had it done, we were out of there soo fast,. Ugh, I think the adrenaline rush gave me the headache I had for awhile after that. So I didn’t exercise last night, although I had been so determined to.

True story, not an excuse for not exercising. :)


  1. Well don't leave me hanging...WAS IT the skunk or a bear????

  2. I was always a city girl, sirens, motorcycles, cars were constant noises I got so used to I didn't even notice.

    Then we moved to the "sticks" 10 years ago - so dark and quiet I need to sleep with a fan on high to fall asleep.

    One of the first nights I left our back door to throw out the garbage - probably a 20 foot walk, but the sensor light doesn't come on until about 5 feet from the door.

    Imagine my surprise when the light flicks on and there is a huge racoon trying to get into my recycle bin!

    Nasty, nasty animals with tiny hands. I now send my dog out first before me just in case!