Monday, July 19, 2010

Trying new dvd's. What a laugh!

This weekend was pretty nice. We had ok weather, though still not very July-like. We ended up spending most of the weekend relaxing at home, and not really getting much done. Now that the roommie is gone, we finally got our brand new pan set (wedding gift- 2 years ago now) and my hunter green kitchenaid mixer (also wedding gift), and I am so excited to use them. We always figured since we had the pans and her mixer to use, we wouldn’t get ours out until she moved out and we needed them. I’m thrilled!

On Friday, I went shopping with my sister. I always love going with her, as we always have a great time. We took my niece Sienna along with us, who is getting to be so darn cute, and just had fun hanging out. To put a little sunshine in your day, enjoy. She's a little over 7 months old now!

Eating-wise, I did ok. On Saturday though, we went out for karaoke, and the bar was having Jaegermeister for $3.50 for a shot, $5.50 for a jaegerbomb, and $2.00 for Rolling Rock beer, so I had a few (too many) of those, and I know went waaaay over on my calories. But we had a blast, and it’s been so long since we’ve done it, that I’m going to say it’s not a huge deal. I just made sure to eat better for the rest of the weekend, and get lots of veggies in, and exercise more.

Lately, I’ve gotten a bunch of exercise videos/dvd’s to try out some new things, and it’s been… um, interesting. I got about 5 jazzercise videos on Ftriday night. So yesterday, I put one in, and it’s old. Like, probably back when jazzercise was created. It’s got Judi Sheppard Missett, and she’s, I swear, wearing a hot pink body suit, and purple leggings. It just clashes really bad with the camera, and at one point, when I was kneeling and leaning forward with my head almost to the floor, she said or did something, a nd I started laughing so hard I hit my head. LOL!

While there were a couple of moves I couldn’t do, I made it through the other 17 minutes, and totally got a great workout! Then, to add a few minutes more of exercise, I put in a jazzercise dvd of Judi’s daughter, and did that, and the funnier part is that it’s almost like watching the original. Her movements are so much like her moms, and like her mom, she just starts humming to the song at some points. It’s pretty interesting, but again, a good workout. When I was done, I could actually feel it in my muscles, so I made sure to stretch again, and drink a lot of water to avoid sore muscles. Which worked, because I’m not sore today, but if I do certain activities, I can feel the muscles tightening a little bit.

So, definitely getting better and back in the habit of exercising more often. In the last 7 days, I have exercised, intentionally, 5 times. Good score for me. This week, I plan to do the same. Tonight I’m going to the gym after work, to walk and do a little strength training for a half hour before my water aerobics class. I haven’t been there in about 4 weeks, due to sickness, etc., but I’m going back.

Another reason is that for the next 2 months, Jeff will be doing his clinical, and his hours are 2:30-11:00PM, luckily only Monday and Tuesday. So I’ll have to keep myself entertained so I don’t get too lonely. That’s where the exercise is coming in play tonight. Then I’m going to try to get all our veggies cooked and frozen so we can just pull them out of the fridge for dinners. I’m happy that the schedule doesn’t make him get up at 4am, but not so happy that we’re going to be doing the (as a friend put it) two ships passing in the night thing. He probably won’t be home until 11:30 at the earliest, and I’ve been trying to go to bed by 11. Oh well, I keep telling myself it’s only temporary. It’ll be over in 2 months; it’s only 2 days a week. (sigh).

Anyways, I’m not as down as I sound. I’m doing alright, keeping my fingers crossed that I have a loss tomorrow at my weigh-in. Wish me luck!

Thanks for all the support you've all given me. It really helps me when I'm feeling down and unmotivated.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Good luck at weigh in! I hope it goes great! 5 days of exercise is awesome!!! My hubby works tough hours and sometimes it is tough. His isnt temporary but since I am a stay at home mom it isnt as bad. If I worked (although what I do is certainly work!!!) I would probably never see him! Hang in there.


  2. Glad you had a nice time out - sometimes you just gotta let loose once in a while!

    Ah, Jaeger - it was my shot of choice, but I probably haven't had one in 15 years!

    Old videos are the best - I look at the outfits and think "did we think we looked good then?"

    Hope you have a great week!