Friday, July 23, 2010

Plans are really good sometimes!

This week has been my most “on” week in the last 2 months! I’ve been eating better, and staying fairly well in my points range, and I’ve been exercising several times a week, about 5 actually. I did one of those older (but not hot pink spandex bodysuit old) jazzercise videos last night, and while it was totally cheesy, and the other trainers were so bouncy Jeff thought they were on crack, it was a really good workout. It used the resistance band a lot, which I really appreciated, and got my muscles really working! I felt really stupid while doing it, probably because Jeff was right there watching, but I did it!

For the last couple of days, I have actually tracked everything I’ve eaten. My only problem at this point is that I haven’t been tracking my evening meal until the next day. I know I haven’t skipped anything, or forgotten anything, but I know that it can be easy to forget something, so I’m working on writing it down while I make it again.

I was feeling totally stoked the other day. Jeff had a follow-up appointment for his finger, with his doctor who actually is a b*tch. Apparently he now has high blood pressure, and he was concerned that he may be diabetic, so they took a blood sample, but made him make another appointment for next week to go over the results. I’m a little irritated, because this is her usual pattern. Even though you could test his blood sugar in a matter of seconds, and hey, yes, it is high, she regularly makes him come in again. Every time he goes in to see her, it’s a two appointment thing because he has to “follow-up”, which a lot of times is definitely unnecessary. I really don’t like that woman.

Anyways, Jeff came home and asked me to help him to lose weight! So the next evening, we wrote out our weight loss goals, our diet plan, our exercise plan and our rewards. The best part is that we talked out our thoughts on each issue, so it’s an agreement of sorts, with both of our input. Neither of us can really disagree now, since it’s written down and agreed on. I particularly like our rewards. We did a 5 for $5; for every 5 pounds lost, we get $5. (Considering how low our allowances are right now, that’s a lot!) Number 2: When we collectively lose 50 pounds, we get an overnight trip to the beach. 3. When we have both lost half our total goal, we get a fancy dinner with champagne. (I don’t like to reward with food, since I have changed my perspective of it, and don’t want it to change to “I did something good so I get to eat”, however, we rarely go out anymore and especially not to fancy restaurants, so we both agreed it would be really nice.) Number 4: When each of us reaches ¾ of our weight gone, we are entitled to a tattoo. (We figured “entitled” was the best word, so that we don’t have to get it right away, but at any point in the future, we can.) And number 5: When we each lose our total amount of weight to get to our goal, we get a new wardrobe, up to $500! The amount may or may not be less, at the time it actually happens, but I love that one!

We both have around 120 pounds to lose. Jeff has 115 and I have 122 to go. We gave ourselves a year and a month, but I think that may be too short, in which case, we’ll have to push it out. He doesn’t know that though, so hopefully, he’ll actually put effort in this time.

I hope you all have a great weekend! If this sore throat goes away, I know I will!


  1. wow!! your goals are great. good for you guys! As for the dr's...such a game isnt it? they make you wait to get in so they can spend six seconds with you and schedule you for another appt (that you have to wait for again...). grrrr. I have lost a lot of faith in the medical field over the years. However...I will say that there is a certain blood test they do to check diabetes. itis more than a finger prick. i had it done when mine was high. They take blood and somehow can tell what your sugar level has been over the past 3 months. It is a more definitive test for the diagnosis. Think I can remember the name of the test? Nope...even though its on the tip of my tongue :(

    Glad youhad a a great week with exercise. I did too but the scale was mean AGAIN!!! Such injustice....I hope your weigh in is awesome!!!


  2. congrats to the both of

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