Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Starting to get back on track

Thanks for the positive comments! I took it to heart, and wrote “exercise“ on my hand in big bold letters. So when I got home last night, I would remember to exercise, and wouldn’t have an excuse not to.

Yesterday was our second anniversary so we had a special (kind of) dinner and Jeff sent me flowers! Which was an awesome surprise, getting them at work. We have a woman here who gets a bouquet every month, and I thought they were hers until I heard him say my name. I was so surprised, I got tears in my eyes. LOL, it’s not like Jeff doesn’t do thoughtful things, I had just forgotten that it was a special day for us, and was reminded of it when they arrived.

After we had dinner, Jeff needed to take a shower, but every time he has so far, he’s bumped his finger and it’s been really painful, so I told him to let me exercise and then I’d help him. I walked 3 miles with Leslie in 45 minutes, and actually felt strong! The last couple of times I did it, I felt really weak, even to the point where I didn’t feel like I could finish the video. Looking back, I think that’s because I had my abcess at the time, and it made me feel so much weaker than I am. So last night, I was feeling proud because I did finish it.

I also took my monthly measurements, so see how I’d done for June and I’m down another 2 inches! Which is quite a surprise since I really haven’t exercised in the last two weeks except last night. I’m trying to get back on this wagon, so I can keep seeing losses in inches and pounds. I have my weigh-in tonight at weight watchers, and am really crossing my fingers this week. I know my eating has been pretty poor, but I’m trying, really I am. And I’m going to keep doing this!


  1. yaaay for 2 inches and for feeling strong. Feeling strong physically and mentally is amazing isnt it?!?!? Who knew?!


  2. Hi Laura,
    How wonderful that you got flowers delivered at work! That's one of the best feelings in the world...to be honored by your spouse and have your co-workers see it is just a neat feeling! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting about the situation with my sister.

  3. Happy Anniversary! And, congratulations on losing the inches. That is great.