Monday, July 26, 2010

Terrible weekend food-wise, but I'm cracking the whip!

This weekend actually turned out pretty nice weather-wise. We didn’t do very much, so it was pretty relaxing. On Saturday, we watched my niece and nephews for several hours, and had a great time. They played around in the kiddie pool and I sat on a blanket with Sienna and stayed cool in the shade. It was great! Here's a cute picture. Sienna, Gabriel and Sammy, left to right. Seriously, getting them all to look/ maybe smile at the camera at the same time is some tough work!

My eating was so definitely off this weekend, I don’t anticipate anything good at my weigh-in tomorrow evening. I did however, on Saturday, walk 4 miles and do 11 ½ minutes of strength and butt exercises. I think the butt exercises are paying off, because Jeff commented on it the other day, and I’m noticing a little difference too, I think.

On Sunday, we went to a graduation party for my cousin, which was a lot of fun, but again, my eating suffered. I decided it’s time to pull out my Beck diet book, which started this whole thing for me, over 9 months ago. When I really feel myself lapsing, I rev myself back up and on track by reading the book again. This time, I don’t have to get it from the library because a friend of mine bought me a copy when she bought herself one. YAY! For those who don’t know, the Beck Diet Solution works with any diet and uses a version of cognitive behavioral therapy to help teach you to change your habits. It really does work, but it is interactive and you have to be willing to put a few minutes each day into it. But it’s worth it! So I’m going to be getting on that. (Dangit, I just realized I left my book and notecards at home, so tonight I’ll be getting on that!)

Last of all, I’m really looking forward to this weekend. We’re going camping with my mom, 2 youngest sisters and brother, and my two other sisters with their husbands and kids and my aunt and uncle and their kids. Big group, but it’s really going to be a ton of fun! And we’re also going kayaking! This is one of those things on my bucket list, so I really can’t wait! I’ll try to get some pictures!


  1. Cute kids. I have had a terrible weekend before and you can over come it. We all have those, because we are human after all. Just get out that book and get back on track.

  2. The weigh ins NEVER seem to be what we expect. So keep positive you might do

  3. Love the picture of the kids! Don't worry about one weekend, get back on track and you'll do fine.

    I haven't been kayaking for years - have fun and be sure to take lots of pics!

  4. I love to kayak! Have fun!