Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm so out of shape!

Well, I did exercise last night, though it goes to show how out of shape I’ve become since it’s been so long since I exercised last. I wanted to time a mile, and make it the fastest mile I can, and then I could try to beat that time every time I walk. However, I think I pushed myself too hard and was only able to do 1/3 of a mile, which took 4.47 minutes. Pretty bad, and it puts me at a 20 minute mile, although I know when I do Leslie Sansone’s 3-mile videos, I do it in 45 minutes. I think it’s time to start her videos again, to get my strength back up.

After that 1/3 of a mile, I was breathing like crazy, sweating like nobody’s business and my butt hurt. Question for us larger gals. If you have a larger butt, and it hurts to jog because it’s too busy bouncing up and down (I’m not exaggerating here, it actually was) what do you do to stop the bouncing so you can keep on running? I’m hoping I get lots of suggestions here. I’d prefer to not have to wear my slimmer thing, it’s not that comfy, but maybe I’ll have to. Please help me!!!

On another front, Jeff and I are talking about moving out of state for awhile. He’s looking for jobs right now, and we both think it would be an adventure, and a definite change from where we’re at now. We’ve agreed to set a time limit, as in we’ll be living there for 2 years only, and then we’ll be moving back home. But the reason is that we’re both feeling like our lives are kind of in a rut, and it’s still pretty difficult to be around my family where people are getting pregnant left and right, and actually make us both feel left out because we don’t have kids. It’s pretty difficult because most times, the conversations are about so and so’s kids who did this cute thing last week. I’m happy for them, because they have kids they get to brag on. But we don’t, and don’t know if we ever will be able to, and it’s just very hard for both of us right now.

So we’re considering Wyoming, Montana and Alaska. I’ve never lived farther than a half hour from my family, so it’ll be a definite change for us. I’m really liking the idea of Alaska. It’s a beautiful state, but more than that, it’d be an experience we’d never forget. The jobs he’s looking at there are in Fairbanks, which is north of Anchorage about 3+ hours. It’s fairly secluded and rugged. LOL, We looked at apartments on craigslist to get an idea and there are a number of “non-water cabins” which means they don’t have running water. The buildings are small, as in twice the size of our bedroom here, and a lot of them only have a porta-potty for a toilet. While I’m good at roughing it, I’m not going to live somewhere for two years using only a porta-potty. That’s pushing it a little bit. But I’m excited for this change. I’m hoping he’ll get a great job, and we can do what we need to do for some peace of mind.


  1. My husband and I talked about moving to Denver (from Omaha) a couple years ago, and we just never did. It still haunts me -- I wish so much that we had just taken the plunge and gone. We still might, but it gets harder because of my dad's poor health and the addition of my first nephew. So, I'd say go for it while you can!

    Maybe, just maybe, being in a new place and relieving some of the emotional pain and pressure to be pregnant will make it happen.

  2. I guess I have never had my butt bounce but I know my boobs hit me in the face quite a lot. I usually wear two bras- sports and regular type. Maybe you need to invest in some spanx? or there are pants that have a slimmer in them you could try those.

    Moving is a great idea, I know a girl who moved from Alaska to Indiana and all she talks about is how beautiful alaska is.