Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I've been lazy!

Sadly, I think this might be the longest gap since I started writing a blog. Things are alright here, though nothing is going really well.

My eating has been sub-par at best. My exercise has been nearly nonexistent, except for once, and maybe twice a week. And I re-joined weight watchers last week. I hadn’t really been thinking about it, except that I knew I wasn’t doing well weight-wise. And when I got an email last Monday about the new plan, I decided to join up again. It’s going to eat up most of my $50 monthly allowance but I think it’s for a worthy cause so I went last Tuesday just in time to learn all about the new program.

While there are a few negatives to the new plan, including that you have to either figure out the points values online or buy a special calculator to figure it out, I think the bigger positive is that it shows they’re making progress in figuring how our bodies work. The old system worked with calories, fat and fiber. The new system doesn’t use calories, and instead focuses more on fat, carbs, protein and fiber, which I think is more important, especially since all these things are what makes up the calories. I’m pretty excited about the new plan, and am hoping the change will get me back on track.

Speaking of that, I had my first weigh-in last Tuesday and my weight was up to 284
.8. A gain of about 6-8 pounds. Not surprising, but a little bit disappointing. I’ve pretty much been on this plateau for the last 7-8 months, and finally posted a gain which makes sense. Jeff also recently discovered he’s up about 10 pounds and in talking last night, we both decided we need to do something before some health problem jumps up and makes things worse. He’s going to be getting a monthly membership at 24-hour fitness again (had to stop before because of money) and for now, I’m going to stick to weight watchers and exercising at home.

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