Monday, December 27, 2010

Post- Christmas update

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! For myself, we spent Christmas eve with my family (including two of my brothers who flew in from Georgia and Florida), and then on Christmas day, we had a brunch and then a light Christmas dinner that afternoon. My mom usually makes a big dinner, but when the afternoon came around, she cooked the turkey and then told everyone to “make ourselves a sandwich” and went and sat down in the living room. LOL, it was so funny. And I think we all enjoyed the casualness of it. No table to set; no other food to prepare; barely any clean-up. Definitely nice. Unfortunately there was a lot of food hanging around the house and I admit, I snacked. A lot. Too much in fact.

And aunt flo arrived on Christmas (sucky, definitely. Felt like a “Merry Christmas Laura! From: God”. I know that’s not true, but it felt like it). Anyways, I am bloated and uncomfortable and I just want to go home today. And then there’s my back which is pretty much not causing any problems now, but there are still things the Chiropractor is working on and I saw her before work this morning, so my back is sore today. My office chair is so NOT ergonomically correct and if I don’t put pillows behind my back to support it, it really starts to hurt.

Food-wise, I am back on track today. And I’m hoping if I stay on track today and tomorrow, I might post a maintain or maybe a small gain. It never helps my weight when af is around. We’ll see though.

Jeff gave me some beautiful sweaters for Christmas, a cute night gown (haven’t had one since I was a kid), some slippers and a few other fun things including the Biggest Loser Wii program. I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Maybe tonight if it’s really low-key so I don’t hurt my back again, or overexert myself and start hacking again. Speaking of that, the antibiotics the doc gave to me didn’t work because I’m still coughing quite a bit. I’m debating getting another round, but then I think I may just have to kick it myself in the end and if that’s the case, I could at least save us some much needed money.

Oh well. Hopefully soon, things will straighten back out and be normal again. I’m working on a new resolution for 2011 right now. I might not share it on my blog because it seems intensely personal to me, but I’m definitely making some goals. Just to share, because it really feels motivating, I came across a blog today (I can’t remembers whose) and they put up the following quote; “A YEAR FROM NOW, YOU’LL WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY.” Isn’t that the truth?!? Right now, I wish a year ago I had really buckled down on my weight loss, as I would probably not have stalled for 7 months. The only positive side is that I have still lost 15 pounds in the last 12 months, and though small, that is a success.

Have you come up with any resolutions for the upcoming year? Want to share?

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and that your Monday isn’t too bad! :)

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  1. I hope you can stick to a plan that will work for you and your lifestyle. Losing weight can be easy once you find the right one and MAKE IT YOUR LIFE. smile