Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weigh-in wasn't as bad as I expected!

Weigh-in last night wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected, especially considering that Christmas and my TOM were both in the last 7 days. I took off my jacket and shoes (I try to be as consistent as possible) and stepped onto the scale, briefly saying a little prayer to God that I didn’t gain too much. LOL, then I crossed both my fingers and looked at what my leader was writing down, and it was 283.8 pounds, up only 1 POUND FROM LAST TUESDAY!!! I’m feeling pretty proud of that. I know that next week will be lower, just because AF will be gone and I always drop a few pounds then. YAY!

There’s been a similar theme, it seems, across several blogs I’ve read lately, but they both actually came after a Biggest Loser show, where Jillian said something like “with every bite you eat, you’re choosing to be either fat or healthy”. Something like that. Anyways, it’s been bothering me because that really is true. As much as I want to be healthy and thin, until lately, I have apparently wanted that fast food, or chocolate more than to be thin. How sad is it that I’ve made such a poor choice so many times that I let myself get and stay fat. It irritates me. Now lately, I’ve been repeating that in my head before I eat, and it’s really an eye opener. I want to choose to be healthy and thin, and that bears repeating as many times as necessary until I get that instinctive thought when I pick something up to eat.


  1. OMG! I love the quote you threw in there: “with every bite you eat, you’re choosing to be either fat or healthy”. Thank you! I'll try to push that thought to the front when I'm eyeing stuff up. Thank you!

    You're doin' great, kiddo! Keep up the wonderful work! :) Hugs!

  2. Stay focused and you will be down in no time. smile

  3. Glad you did well over the holiday season! I love the Jillian Michaels quote. Thanks! I'll be using it!

  4. Oh WOW - that is powerful!! I have not been making the best choices. I will remember that statement!!

    Keep focused@

  5. Hi Laura! I replied to your comment over on my blog about couponing. Check it out! Good luck in 2011!