Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weigh-in, vacation and exercise!

I had my weigh-in last night and am neither up or down. There’s something comforting about remaining the same weight, especially considering that I didn’t track what I ate. I did (thanks Jennifer) exercise four times last week, and did my strength exercises when I got home last night.

I think I’m seeing a pattern. At the beginning of May, I was doing strength exercises every other day religiously, and cardio 3-4 times per week. For all of the weigh-ins since that, I have had a loss. Now, I haven’t done strength in I don’t know how long, and my weight stays even. I have a feeling that if I don’t get back on the exercising train better this week, and tracking my food, I will have a gain next week. And I am determined to not let that happen. I have been doing too well to let myself slip now.

As of 5 o’clock on Friday, I am on vacation. I am so looking forward to this, as it’s been a whole 4 months of a job that has lately been driving me crazy. We’re driving 5 ½ hours to the other side of the state to see my in-laws, who I love! We haven’t seen them since Christmas and this visit is long overdue. Not to mention that I desperately need a break, and some time to relax and breathe. I’ve already made my packing list, which includes my weights, exercise videos, and strength training list. And, since we’re going to be out of town until next Thursday, I already looked up locations of weight watchers meetings, so I don’t miss it. When our leader mentioned it last night, it sounded like something I wanted to know, so I’d really like to be there to hear about it.

Tonight I’m going to my water aerobics class, so here’s to day 2 of exercising.


  1. Well, I hope you find your vacation relaxing, motivating and full of fun!

  2. Hi Laura- sometimes I SWEAR the scale is just mean and maybe even slow at catching up our hard work! DO NOT give up! I admire you for seeing where the improvment is needed and attacking it! That is a hard thing. You go girl! There is something to be said about works. period. It is easy to sneak here or there or forget to add this or that...I am the queen of that. And at the end of the day I probably ate an extra 5 points without realizing... But... now that I have realized that I make it a point to track everything I put in my mouth and count calories. I wont do it forever but at least until I get a good hang of it. Tomorrow is MY weigh day. Since I have stopped Medifast I wonder how it will pan out. WE'll see. Hang in there and track track track!!! Have fun (and behave) on your trip!! hehe.


  3. Good for you on the packing list. I love water aerobics. I wish there was somewhere close by that I could go to. Loved your blog today.

  4. Love that you are packing your weights! I hope you had a well deserved break! :D